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STEM Activities by Age

STEM Activities by Age

Looking for activities that will fit your child’s age? Try these suggestions!

Text: 20+ Toddler STEM and Science Activities. 6 Pictures Clockwise from top Homemade Butter Experiment, Sunscreen Painting STEAM, DIY stethoscope, paper towel roll number matching, colored flowers capillary action experiment, stomach digestion experiment.
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Text: 25+ Preschool STEM and science activities. Pictures clockwise from top left: Cleaning pennies with ketchup experiment, dyed flowers science, superhero straw shooters, walking water rainbow STEM, diy lung model, cookie moon phase edible science experiment
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Text: 30+ PreK STEM and Science Activities. 6 pictures showing samples of some activities, clockwise from top left: Water cycle in a bag weather science, popsicle stick catapult, raising water experiment, lemon juice disappearing ink, butterfly firework experiment, diy model spine
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These pages can help you find activities that I know will work for that age level. They are a great starting place to get into STEM with your child!

FAQ on STEM Activity Ages

These activities are divided up by what ages can do them and what ages will benefit from them. By this I mean they are safe for the ages suggested AND your child will learn from them.

How Strict Are These Age Suggestions?

The great thing about most of the activities you’ll find here is that they work for multiple ages. This is helpful if you have more than one child you are doing them with because they can be of different ages and enjoy the same project.

But honestly many activities can grow with your child. They enjoy different aspects as they get older.

For example, sink or float is a simple sensory activity with toddlers. They can splash and enjoy just playing with the water. Then as they are older they can start to predict what they think will happen. They can make hypotheses and test them out. The activity can change with your child.

Can My Child Repeat Activities?

Yes! If your child enjoys an activity you should definitely repeat it. Doing experiments over and over reinforces important concepts. Plus your child will learn more every time they do it.

So if your child loved a toddler activity, you don’t need to stop doing it just because they are now in preschool or PreK. If they want to do it, keep doing it!

Can I Do These Activities with Kids of Different Ages?

Yes! That is another wonderful thing about this group of activities. If you have a toddler and a PreK student, they can do the same activity together. (This is a huge bonus for caretakers, you don’t need to come up with two projects!)

Each child will be learning at their own level, so absolutely try these with kids of different ages. It is amazing how much they can learn from each other!

Science Experiments and STEM Activities by Age

Time to dive in! Your kids will love these!!


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