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STEM, Science Experiments, and Learning Activities

picture of Kim with intro text stating: I'm so glad you're here! Welcome to Team Cartwright. If you are looking for fun, easy STEM, science experiments, and learning activities you are in the right place! (Oh, and some twin tips too.) Let's do it!  {Clicking image leads to page with most recent posts}

Where would you like to start?

Hands-on activities are the best learning activities for kids. But I know, parents are busy! Don’t worry, I took the stress out of thinking of what to do by putting together easy and fun activities for kids. Where would you like to start?

Links to: STEM activities for kids  Text: STEM  Picture: raincloud in a jar experiment
Links to: sensory activities for kids Text: Sensory  Picture: sensory bin of rainbow rice with child's hand playing in it
Link to: anatomy activities for kids Text: Anatomy  Picture: Child using homemade heart model to pump 'blood'
Links to: number sense activities  Text: Number Sense  Picture: Paper Towel Roll number game with numbers written on roll and sheet of round stickers with numbers to match
Link to: DIY slime and playdough recipes  Text: Slime & Playdough  Picture: Bin with slime worms in purple, red, blue, and green
Links to: Toddler learning activities Text: Toddler Learning Picture: 2 plastic toy giraffes and 2 plastic toy zebras wrapped in rubber bands for toddler motor skill play
Link to: Process Art Activities for Kids Text: Process Art  Picture: black construction paper with sun in darker black from sunscreen painting experiment and bottle of sunscreen
Link to: Holiday Activities for Kids Text: Holiday  Picture: small ornaments stacked into a tree with green playdough and red puff ball for christmas tree engineering challenge
Link to: free printable activities for kids  Text: Free Printables  Picture: samples of the printable learning activities available to print for free including playdough mats, book bingo, shape do-a-dots, texture scavanger hunt, color mixing coloring pages, shape tracings

STEM Activities By Age

Looking for STEM activities for a specific age group? Try these resources to help you out!

Text: 20+ Toddler STEM and Science Activities. 6 Pictures Clockwise from top Homemade Butter Experiment, Sunscreen Painting STEAM, DIY stethoscope, paper towel roll number matching, colored flowers capillary action experiment, stomach digestion experiment.
Text: 30+ PreK STEM and Science Activities. 6 pictures showing samples of some activities, clockwise from top left: Water cycle in a bag weather science, popsicle stick catapult, raising water experiment, lemon juice disappearing ink, butterfly firework experiment, diy model spine
Text: 25+ Preschool STEM and science activities. Pictures clockwise from top left: Cleaning pennies with ketchup experiment, dyed flowers science, superhero straw shooters, walking water rainbow STEM, diy lung model, cookie moon phase edible science experiment
blue block with examples of free printables and text: Don't Miss the Free Printables!  Click here to sign up

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Best and Easiest STEM Activities to do at home
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DIY rain bag weather science experiment for kids

Best and Easiest Sensory Activities to Do At Home
STEM tips Be Willing to Wonder

Here are some big, but easy, tips to encourage learning and STEM exploration with your children.

yellow circle with 3 white question marks

1. Encourage Kids To Ask Why

Yes, the toddler ‘Why?’ phase can be hard. But asking why is where learning happens. Be willing to wonder. Good STEM activities for toddlers and preschoolers encourage why.

2. Hands On Exploration Matters

Getting to do things matters. Sensory activities matter. Kids learn best when they try things. You don’t need to be able to explain everything, toddler and preschool STEM activities are about the experience.

yellow circle with black and gray telescope
yellow circle with white question mark

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Say, ‘I Don’t Know’

It can be hard to admit when we don’t know something. But science, especially STEM for preschoolers and toddlers, is about not knowing. Show your kids how to seek out what you don’t know.

4. Play is the Best Learning Activity

STEM for toddlers and preschoolers should be fun. Kids learn best when they are playing. So set up an activity and let your kids explore. If they are having fun, they are learning.

yellow circle with three white balloons

Must-Try STEM and Learning Activities

how to make a diy stethoscope with kids
how to make easy paper dice with picture of paper dice
sunscreen painting STEAM for kids

Shop adorable and unique twin clothes at the Team Cartwright Shop with picture of two twin onesies Twin A and Twin B Checkbox
Twin Tips: Twin moms are twice as tough.

Must read tips to survive life with newborn and baby twins.

1. Have a Consistent Daily Wake Time

Want to learn how to get your twins on a schedule? Have a consistent daily wake time. You can start this with your newborn twins or even toddler twins to help a schedule naturally form.

pink circle with a white sun

2. Feed Your Twins At the Same time (Tandem Feed If You Can)

Feed your twins at the same time to keep them on the same schedule. Tandem breastfeeding makes that easier, but even feeding your baby twins one right after the other will help.

3. Use a Dream Feed To Maximize Your Sleep

The dream feed is a great way to maximize your sleep as a twin mom. It pushes back night time feedings and helps line up the long period of infant sleep with your sleep.

4. Take a Few Minutes Each Day For 1-on-1 Time

Twin parents know they have two unique children, even if they have identical twins. But it can be hard to find time to foster individuality in twins. It really only takes a few minutes each day to focus on your twins one at a time and touch their hearts.

5. Remember Your Strength

Everything twins, from twin pregnancy to baby twins to toddler twins, can feel so overwhelming. But remember you can do this. Twin moms are made strong. You can do this.

pink circle with big red heart and two smaller hearts

Must-Read Twin Posts

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