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Twin Sleep

Having twins does not mean you will never sleep again.  I promise.

Getting your twins to sleep can be done, and it is something that should be done.  Your rest as a mother matters.  Do not feel bad for wanting to do everything you can to help your twins sleep.

Here are some posts to help your twins rest so your whole family can rest.

Twin Sleep Tips

Twin Sleep: Your guide for the first year. Everything you need to know about getting your twins to sleep. Twin beds, twin cribs, naps, nighttime sleep, safety. Help from a real twin mom. #twins #baby #naps #sleep #eatplaysleep #twinnap #twinsleep #twincribs #safesleep

Twin Sleeping Arrangements

The first thing to decide is where your twins should sleep.  Do you start with two cribs right away?  Are your twins going to share a room long term?  There are a lot of options.

Twin Sleeping Arrangements: Safety and Practicality

Safety is, of course, the number one factor in deciding where your twins sleep.  Practicality is number two.  Here is how to determine where your twins should sleep.

Nighttime Twin Sleep Tips

Getting your twins to sleep at night so you can sleep is huge.  It is important for the health of the whole family to help your twins sleep at night so everyone can sleep at night.

Tips To Help Twins Sleep at Night

Get tips that help your twins sleep longer at night right from the start.

How To Do a Dream Feed with Twins

A great way to help you get more sleep as a mom is to line your twins’ long sleep chunk line up with your sleep.  How do you do that?  The dream feed.  Here is how to make it happen.

Sleep Tools To Help Your Twins Sleep

Sleep props can cause trouble, but the proper tools can help your entire family get the rest they need.  These are the best sleep tools as put together by 8 moms with over 25 kids between us.  That’s a lot of kids, and a big need for sleep.

How To Survive the 4 Month Sleep Regression with Twins

One of the most frustrating things about baby twin sleep? Just when it starts getting better a few months in, you hit the 4 month sleep regression. This is a very normal stage, and actually has biological reasons for happening.

But it is still a pain. Here is everything you need to know about why this regression happens and how to survive this challenging period.

The ultimate twin sleep guide for new twin moms with picture of sleeping twins

Twin Nap Tips

Sleep begets sleep, so getting your twins to nap will help overnight sleep.

Tips for Solid Twin Naps

It can be tough to get one baby on a good nap schedule and you have to do it with two babies.  But it is so worth the work to help your twins nap.  My twins nap at the same time every day (and napped at the same time as their older brother!).  I am so happy I put the effort in early to make naps happen.

How To Conquer the 45 Minute Intruder

Sadly, twins are not immune to this common issue. Short naps are so annoying!  But there are steps you can take to help your twins work through the short nap problems.

Sleep Training Twins

Sleep training can have a bad reputation.  Training means to teach, meaning you are teaching your babies to sleep.  It does not automatically mean you are letting your babies cry for hours.  You can teach your twins to sleep.

How To Sleep Train Twins in the Same Room

My twins share a room.  A lot of twins do.  That doesn’t mean you can’t teach them to sleep at night.  And it doesn’t mean you have to resort to crying it out.  Here is how you can sleep train your twins in the same room.

How To Sleep Train without Cry It Out

It is possible to sleep train without cry it out!  Having to use cry it out with twins was just not in the cards for our family.  It would be too loud, to say the least!  But there are things you can do to help your twins sleep, without cry it out.

How To Get Twins on a Schedule

How To Get Twins on a Schedule

A big part of helping your twins sleep is getting them on a solid schedule.  The same schedule at that.  It can seem overwhelming, but I have broken it down step by step.  This is how we got our twins on a schedule.  I was also able to get that schedule lined up with Ben’s.  Win!

Toddler Twin Sleep

How To Stop Twins from Climbing Our of Their Cribs

Having your toddler climb out of their crib is troubling.  This is not a time when you want teamwork.  Here are some tips to stop the escapes and keep your twins in their cribs longer.

Two-Year-Old Sleep Regression

Just when you think sleep problems are done, you hit a regression.  Twins are not immune to these.  Dealing with two toddlers refusing sleep is hard, but there are things you can do.  Here are tips to handling the 2-year-old sleep regression, why it happens, and how twins make things different.

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picture of sleeping baby twins with text overlay Baby Twin Tips What You Need To Know To Thrive In The First Year With Twins

picture of twins sitting against a wall with text overlay: Toddler Twins Tips How to handle the unique challenges having twin toddlers can bring
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Twin Sleep: Your guide for the first year. Everything you need to know about getting your twins to sleep. Twin beds, twin cribs, naps, nighttime sleep, safety. Help from a real twin mom. #twins #baby #naps #sleep #eatplaysleep #twinnap #twinsleep #twincribs #safesleep

Twin Sleep FAQ

How do you get twins to sleep?

Getting twins to sleep isn’t dissimilar to getting a singleton to sleep. You need to be way more consistent to get your twins on the same schedule though.
1. Have a good sleep environment for your twins, each with their own safe sleep space.
2. Have a consistent bedtime routine that you follow every night. An abbreviated version can be done before naps, but let your twins know it is time to sleep.
3. Aim to get your twins to bed sleepy but awake.
4. Utilize the swaddle, white noise, and any other sleep tools you choose to work for your family.
5. Consider using a dream feed to allow yourself a longer period of nighttime sleep.
6. When your twins wake during the night do your best to soothe them while keeping them in bed. The shush pat method is perfect for this.
7. Utilize a pacifier to help your twins stay asleep.
8. Try going up a diaper size at night to minimize the need for nighttime diaper changes.

Should you sleep twins together?

The AAP recommends that twins each have their own individual safe sleep spaces. If your twins are having a hard time calming down you can try placing them together until they fall asleep. This has been shown to soothe twins. (Make sure this is supervised and follow all safe sleep recommendations.)

You should also do your best to keep your twins sleeping on the same schedule. Twins aren’t robots, one will wake before the other sometimes. But by feeding your twins at the same time and having a consistent daily wake time you should be able to build a solid schedule where your twins sleep at the same time.

Is it OK for twins to sleep in the same crib?

The safe sleep recommendations are for each twin to have their own sleep space and this can mean two cribs. That being said a lot of twin moms do have their twins share a crib in the first few weeks of life. Newborn babies sleep swaddled and are unable to roll, so there are limited worries.

Once your twins are able to roll and move about in their sleep they will need separate cribs.

When should I start sleep training twins?

Sleep training is simply teaching good sleep habits to your twins. And you can start teaching good habits from birth.
1. Have a good and safe sleep environment that encourages rest.
2. Use proper sleep tools like swaddles and white noise.
3. Build a simple and consistent bedtime routine.

Check with your pediatrician before you start to try to drop nighttime feedings, but once you are given the okay for that you don’t have to wake your twins to feed them at night.

Will my twins ever sleep through the night?

Yes! Your twins will absolutely sleep through the night.

Start good sleep habits from birth. Wake your twins to feed them so they get enough to eat during the day. Have a safe sleep environment that encourages rest. Use proper sleep tools. Consider adding a dream feed.

And remember that your twins are individuals. This means that they can have different sleep issues, making it seem like you will never sleep again. But if you take some notes you will see their individual patterns and be able to work with them.

Read more here: How To Sleep Train Twins

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