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Childhood Learning Basics

Childhood Learning Basics

There are things we all learn as little children, shapes, numbers, letters, colors, fine motor skills, etc.  We know kids need to know these things. 

But do you ever stop to think why?

All these things can seem so little.  Who cares if your child knows what shape something is?  Why hand scissors over to a preschooler?  What does number sense even mean?

But these little things have big implications when it comes to long-term learning.

The basics of childhood matter.  Here is why these basics matter, plus easy activities for each one that you can do with your children!

(Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to get more activities you can do with your kids today!)

Why do we teach kids about shapes, colors, numbers, and more? Do they really matter that much? Yes! Learn why these basics are so important and get easy fun activities to help with each. #shapes #colors #letters #numbers #earlylearning #toddler #preschooler #development #learningactivities

Shape Learning Activities

Why learning shapes is so valuable for toddlers and preschoolers. Shapes are the building blocks for literacy and math skills. Plus get some free printables to help your children learn and have fun! #shapes #learning #activity #development #toddler #preschooler #free #printable

Shape learning is obviously a part of math. But did you know learning shapes is a precursor to recognizing letters and a start on literacy skills?

Get easy activities to practice shapes, including free printable shape mats!

Number Sense Learning Activities

Number sense is so important for future math success. But what exactly is it? And how do you help your kids learn it? Here is what number sense means and super easy ways to boost it in your children. #number #sense #math #learning #activity #game #toddler #preschooler #kids

There is more to learning numbers than just being able to count 1-10.  Number sense is about truly understanding what numbers mean, and is a predictor of future math success. 

Learn more about number sense for preschoolers and toddlers AND get easy ways to practice it with your kids.

Sensory Play

Sensory play isn't just a trend. It has real benefits for kids. Here are 6 was sensory play builds brains. Plus learn easy activities you can do right now! #sensory #play #benefits #learning #activity #toddlers #preschoolers #kids

Sensory play sounds like something that could just be trendy right now.  But it is an important part of childhood learning.  It is easier than you think, and you are probably already doing it with your kids!

Learn the benefits of this type of play and get fun activities to try.  (And no, they aren’t all messy!)

Coloring For Kids

Why one of the greatest learning activities is simple coloring. Yes, this childhood staple teaches children so much. Learn why coloring is an important activity for kids. #learning #activity #preschool #toddler #kids #homeschool

Kids love to color.  It’s quiet and simple.  And it’s a great way to keep them busy at a restaurant, right?

But there is so much more to this classic childhood pastime.  Learn just how important coloring is to childhood development and get access to free coloring pages!

Cutting Skills for Preschoolers

Scissor Skills for Kids! Learn how cutting helps with development and even reading skills, plus get easy activities to try at home! #CuttingPractice #ScissorSkills #PreschoolWorksheets #FreePrintable

Fine motor skills are what allow children to interact fully with the world around them. They are needed to explore and learn and experience.

Cutting skills are a big fine motor skill, and honestly, one of the scariest for me. Handing over scissors? But it is important, and it can be done safely.

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Learning Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

These are must do learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers. They are fun, easy, and educational. Your kids will love them!


More Easy To Put Together Activities

Here are even more activities you can do right now with at home items.

Animal Rescue

Send your kids on a rescue mission! Tape some toy animals and wrap them up in rubber bands. (Not too tight, we don’t want them snapping.) Then challenge your child to rescue the animals by getting all the bands off!

This works fine motor skills and builds imagination as they set the stage for their rescue.

(Be sure to watch the rubber bands so none get lost or swallowed, of course.)

animal rescue fine motor skill practice

Do a Dot Shapes

Do a dot printables are a fun and easy way to work fine motor skills! They are super simple. Print out the page and give it to your child. Have them use a dabber or small stamp to cover every dot in the shape!

These pages also work hand eye coordination, focus, and patience. You can also use these pages as fun coloring printables, sticker pages, or make fun number and letter games out of them!

Here are some free shape do a dots to get you started.

Free Do a Dot Shapes

Do a Dot Shape Free Printables for Kids

Making Rainbows

Making rainbows is a super fun way to explore color. (You can also do our fun color STEM activities here: Color Science for Kids!) You don’t need anything fancy to practice recognizing and naming colors though, just make a rainbow at home!

Grab anything you have that either comes in different colors, like blocks or rings or crayons, or grab different items. You can get anything like books and balls and shirts. Get your colors sorted and build a rainbow!

A personal favorite is to use snack time as color time with Froot Loops. Give your children a bowlful and have them build a rainbow. Then they can eat! Or glue them to a paper plate to make a cute art project.

Simple Color Activities for toddlers and preschoolers with picture of a Froot Loop rainbow
4 pictures, shapes, numbers, letters, and colors. Text overlay Super Simple Toddler Learning Activities To Do Every Day
Simple and Fun activities to keep your toddler busy while stuck inside
Fine Motor Skill Practice Animal Rescue Mission
Free printable do a dot shape worksheets for kids
Indoor Activities for Kids Learning games at home

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