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Breastfeeding Twins: Your Ultimate Resource Guide

Breastfeeding Twins Resource Guide

Breastfeeding twins is possible!!

Not only that, you can be successful exclusively breastfeeding twins.

It can be daunting, the thought of nursing two babies. How does tandem breastfeeding work? Are there multiple breastfeeding twins positions? What would a breastfeeding twins schedule look like?

If you are expecting twins and wanting to at least attempt breastfeeding, this is the guide for you.

And if you aren’t sure, check it out anyway. Look, I’m going to be real here. Breastfeeding doesn’t work for every mom. And breastfeeding for twins can add more challenges. But it is worth it to at least read up on the topic and try.

(You can get more twin help on these pages: Baby Twins, Toddler Twins, Twin Sleep, How To Get Twins on a Schedule, and Twin Schedules)

What's In This Post?

Breastfeeding Twins: What You Need To Know

When I was expecting my twins I knew I wanted to at least try to breastfeed.  There are a lot of benefits to mother and baby. 

And it is cheaper.  Two babies bring about a lot of expenses, anyplace we could cut back would help. 

I had a hard time finding solid tips on breastfeeding twins from real moms. Even the lactation consultants I spoke with little twin experience.

I was lucky, I had a great breastfeeding experience with my singleton. So I had some basic knowledge, and more importantly, the confidence to try to breastfeed twins.

Not everyone is in that same position, so I am sharing all my breastfeeding knowledge here. 15 months of exclusively breastfeeding twins, plus added information on pumping and supplementing from real twin moms who did it.

Breastfeeding twins is possible! Here is the resource guide you need for breastfeeding your twins. #twins #breastfeeding #baby #newborn #nursing

Getting Started Breastfeeding Twins


Add breastfeeding to your list of things to prepare for when getting ready for your twins. 

True, you can’t really do a ton of hands-on work until your babies are here.  But you can think through a lot and have some plans in place.  Here are some things to think about before you get started and in the early days of breastfeeding your twins.

Everything You Need To Know About Breastfeeding Twins

This is the first stop on the path to breastfeeding twins.

There are so many questions before your twins are even born!

How do I hold my twins to feed them? When do I switch breasts? How do I know if my babies are eating enough? Will my breast milk supply be enough to feed twins? 

This is the breastfeeding twins FAQ guide.

(And if you have even more questions try this? More Breastfeeding Twins FAQ)

11 Tips and Tricks for Breastfeeding Twins

If you are like me, you will do all sorts of research. But even with that research the moment my twins were actually here there was the thought Now what?

(And even if you don’t do a lot of research that first time you actually have to feed your twins can be overwhelming.)

These are 11 tips for getting started with breastfeeding.  How to find help, how to nurse in those first few days, and how to mentally prepare for feeding your twins. (This is what got me through the first few weeks!)

More Must Read Twin Info

picture of sleeping baby twins with text overlay Baby Twin Tips What You Need To Know To Thrive In The First Year With Twins


How to finally get your twins on a schedule text overlay with rying newborn twins picture
Your twins will sleep! Here are tips and tricks from a real twin mom to help you and your twins sleep. Help for short naps to sleep training and everything in between. #twins #sleep #naps #training #CIO #shortnaps #schedule #baby #newborn #toddler

Breastfeeding Twin Gear

Must-Have Supplies for Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding doesn’t require much, that’s really a bonus of this feeding method. The big things you need are your breasts and the babies. 

But there are a few extra things that will make nursing sessions easier.  Learn what you need, what your babies will need, and what to plan as a backup plan if nursing doesn’t work.

Twin Z vs My Brest Friend Twin: Which Twin Nursing Pillow is Best?

Which twin nursing pillow is best for you? 

The two big options are the Twin Z and the My Brest Friend Twin Nursing pillow. Search any twin group and you will see strong opinions about both.

So which do you get? Don’t worry, I’ve done the research for you.

Learn the pros and cons of the two main pillows on the market: The Twin Z and the My Brest Friend Twin breastfeeding pillows.

How To Nurse without Help

How To Breastfeed Twins: The Logistics of Double Nursing

Tandem nursing saves a ton of time when it comes to breastfeeding twins.  Twin moms need to multitask, and that includes when you are breastfeeding.

But how do you safely get two babies into the nursing position, feed them, then get them safely back down? 

And how do you do this if you don’t have any help? 

This is the detailed description of the logistics of nursing twins, how I nursed them without any help to get them into position. (Oh, and with a toddler at home.)

How To Dream Feed Twins

Another challenge for a breastfeeding twin mom is figuring out how to do a dream feed. The dream feed is one last nursing session that you do after your twin’s bedtime and right before you yourself go to bed.

The goal is to maximize your sleep as a mom. It’s worth it to try a dream feed. This post will break down how to do it with your twins.

Breastfeeding Challenges

How To Burp Twins

Wait, burping babies is a challenge? Well, when you have to burp two babies and are by yourself, then yes! Burping twins can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be.

This guide gives several methods for you to try to burp your twins. Get specific advice on how to burp breastfed twins and get tips on how to burp bottle-fed twins.

How To Night Wean Twins

Your twins can’t sleep through the night if they keep waking up to eat. That means you can’t sleep through the night. But night weaning twins isn’t always easy.

This essential guide will lead you through the process of dropping the middle of the night feedings and help everyone get the rest they need.

What To Do When Breastfeeding Twins Bite

It’s a brave woman who puts her nipple into a teething baby’s mouth.  And twin moms get to do it times two. 

We faced the challenge of biting.  There are several ways to handle biting twins. Protect your nipples and learn how to stop the biting.

The Ultimate Resource Guide to Breastfeeding Twins.  This is a must read for twin moms and those pregnant with twins.  Learn about how to keep up milk supply, the best nursing positions, how to tandem feed, the best breastfeeding supplies and nursing pillows.  Even learn how to breastfeed twins all alone (or with a toddler around!)  #BreastfeedingTwins #NursingTwins #MilkSupply #NursingPillow #TandemFeeding

Weaning Twins

Every breastfeeding journey has to stop at some point. Weaning twins can bring up some unique challenges. And it can be a bit harder on your body.

It helps to have a plan when weaning your twins. This will help your twins make a smooth transition away from breast milk. It will also help your body ease down gently from feeding two babies at once.

Real Mom Thoughts and Feelings

There is more to breastfeeding than just the physical act of feeding babies.  There are real feelings that come into play.

5 Real Mom Truths about Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding twins can bring up a lot of emotions.  These are some real truths of how I felt about breastfeeding my twins. (Spoiler: it’s super messy, but beautiful.)

Nursing Twins: Thoughts on a Year

Are you just a few weeks in and wondering how in the world you can keep breastfeeding your twins?

I hear you. There were many moments when I thought this was insane and I should just quit.

But I’m glad I didn’t. It was amazing to look back at a journey and see all that you have accomplished.  This was written at the one year point of breastfeeding my twins.  My thoughts, what I learned, and how I felt about that year.

Breastfeeding Attitudes

For some reason, there is still a lot of debate about breast is best or fed is best. 

Why are we still pressuring and shaming mothers for feeding their children in a manner they think is best?  Here are some posts that dive further into the politics of breastfeeding.

The Breastfeeding Twins Resource Guide you need. Everything about breastfeeding two babies at once. #breastfeeding #twins #newborn #baby

What Twins Can Teach Us About Breastfeeding Attitudes

I have breastfed a singleton and I have breastfed twins. 

The attitudes, advice, and treatment I got during each experience were vastly different. 

Why is that? Why do we pressure moms to breastfeed singletons but discourage them from nursing twins?

Read up on the discrepancies and see how they alone should end this whole nonsense.

My Fed Is Best Experience

Is breast best? Is it terrible to supplement if needed?  Here is our experience in the hospital.  A practical, supportive approach that should be available to all.


Pumping is an important part of breastfeeding.  How do you pump effectively for twins? Can you exclusively pump for them?

My friend Caitlin from Twin Mom and More exclusively pumped for her twins.  She has some great information.

Everything you need to know about feeding your newborn twins. #twins #breastfeeding #bottle #feeding

Supplies for Exclusively Pumping

You do need a few more things to pump for twins, more than just a breast pump itself.

Caitlin exclusively pumped for her twins and here is everything you need to be successful at pumping for your twins.

Time-Saving Hacks for Bottle Feeding Twins

Along with pumping comes bottle feeding.  How do you bottle feed two babies at the same time?

Get tips and tricks to make bottle feeding work for you and your twins.

Exclusive Pumping: Tips for Success

Learn how to be successful at exclusively pumping for your twins.

When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work

The real truth is that sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work.  I would be doing a disservice if we didn’t recognize that.

Twins are more likely to be premature, making it harder for them to nurse.  Having to produce enough milk for two babies can be challenging on the body.  And the stresses of being the only food for two human beings can really get to you. 

Whatever the reason, it’s okay.  A mom’s worth isn’t in her breasts.

My Failed Breastfeeding Experience

Here is a real mom’s experience hoping to breastfeed and it not working out.  It is important to work through your feelings about this.

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Breastfeeding Twins. Learn how to get started, the supplies you need, and how to get through the tough parts. You can breastfeed twins! #breastfeeding #twins #baby #newborn #tips #advice #weaning #schedule #supplies

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources designed to help twin moms with breastfeeding.

29 Must Read Breastfeeding Posts

Kelly Mom: Breastfeeding Multiples

Twiniversity: Breastfeeding

La Leche League: Twins (lactation consultants)

Multiples of America Organization

La Leche League for Moms of Twins/Multiples Facebook Group

Printable Tracking Sheets

Keeping track of how much your baby ate and when can be tough with one baby.  With two I had to keep notes.  So I put together a handy worksheet that I could fill out every day.

Twin Tacking Worksheets. Free printables to help keep track of twin feedings, diapers, and sleep. #twin #newborn #breastfeeding #sleep #nap #diaper #baby

You can get these worksheets in my free printables section!  To gain access to these worksheets and all the fun and easy learning activities you just need to sign up below.  This also signs you up for the Team Cartwright mailing list, which you can, of course, unsubscribe from at any point.

Get the Twin Tracking Sheets

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Please let me know what other twin breastfeeding information you are looking for.  I would love to help!

Breastfeeding twins isn’t easy, and it might not always work.  But breastfeeding shouldn’t be ignored just because you are having twins.  Many moms have breastfed their twins.  Let’s support all moms in feeding their babies.


Breastfeeding Twins

These are the resources you need to successfully breastfeed your twins.

picture of baby twins with text overlay: The Ultimate Gudie to Breastfeeding Twins From getting started to weaning and all the challenges in between

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Twins guide for new twin moms

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