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DIY Slime and Playdough Recipes

The best and easiest DIY slime and playdough recipes to make at home!

Play dough is a childhood classic. It’s fun to squish and shape. And slime, slime is huge with kids. You can’t lose with these two activities. They are simple ways to keep kids engaged, playing, and learning.

And the best news is you can make your own special and unique slimes and play doughs at home.

This list has some of the best (and easiest) DIY slime recipes there are. Unique options, edible choices, and more. Your kids will love these.

After this great list is more information on what learning happens during sensory play, tips on how to eliminate the messy parts of slime and playdough, and a few safety tips.

DIY slime and playdough recipes

The best slime recipes and DIY playdough recipes there are! Find just what you are looking for to make a great sensory play experience.


Slimes. Kids love them. And you can find so many ways to make slime unique and fun.

Homemade Playdough

Playdough is great for creative play, sensory fun, and building strength in tiny hands. It is also super fun to make at home! These recipes will be family favorites in your house too.

easy homemade playdough and slime recipes

Sensory Learning

We know that kids love sensory play. It’s a ton of fun and keeps them busy for a long time. But why is it so important to their development?

While it looks like just play, sensory activities are full of brain-building learning opportunities. You can get way more information here: The Big Benefits of Sensory Play, but I’ll list out a few of the incredible work your kids are actually doing while they play.

Sensory play:

  • Helps information retention.
  • Aids in brain development.
  • Boosts language skills.
  • Builds calming skills.
  • Helps memory enhancement.
  • Can help with sensitivities.
  • Builds fine motor skills.

Taking the Mess Out of the Play

A big reason I hear parents mention for not wanting to do slime or play dough is the mess. I totally get that, no one wants to pick slime out of their carpet. Don’t worry, there are several ways you can let your kids enjoy this sensory play without making a headache for yourself.

I have an entire post dedicated to just this topic: How To Make Mess-Free Sensory Play. So click on that to get all the tips and information. But here is a short list of ways to help.

  • Take it outside. If weather and space permits, do this sort of play outdoors.
  • Limit it to a safe space, like the kitchen table. Make this the only spot your child can play with this activity. You can supervise and clean it up more easily.
  • Use secondary containment. Play with slime or playdough only in a bin or on a tray. This makes for easier clean up.
  • Utilize the bath tub. Let young children sit in the tub (with the drain closed) and play. The mess is limited and your child can’t run off with the playdough or slime.


Playdough and slime are designed for kids to dig their hands into and really feel. So a few safety tips for this play.

  • Keep all ingredients away from eyes.
  • Make it very clear to your child which slimes and playdoughs are edible and which aren’t. I suggest not playing with both types at the same time. Either everything can be tasted or nothing can.
  • Have your child wash their hands thoroughly after all sensory play.
  • Be aware of all safety risks with the ingredients you use.

Homemade Playdough and Homemade Slime

Now you’re ready. Which recipe are you going to try first?

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