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The Best Sleep Tools for Twins (Because Twin Parents Need Rest!)

Best Sleep Tools for Twins

Let’s talk twin sleep.

Those first newborn days with multiples can be tough. Having one baby makes sleep scarce, and you have twins.

There is a lot you can do to get your twins sleeping better, even at just a month or two old. Parents need sleep just as much as newborns, so it is important to help your little ones get the sleep they need.

There are tools you can use to help your babies and you rest. These are the best sleep tools for twins.

picture of sleeping baby twins

Best Sleep Tools for Twins

Sleep problems stink, but there really is no avoiding them completely. One month sleep will be awesome, the next you’ll think your twins are never going to sleep again.

The key to successful sleep throughout childhood, from newborn sleep to toddler sleep and beyond, is setting up consistent bedtime and sleep routines.

This means carefully considering your sleep tools. No, sleep tools are not the same as sleep props. Sleep props cause problems because they can’t be maintained. Tools are, well tools. They are useful.

picture of sleeping baby twins with blue hats and text overlay: The Very Best Twin Sleep Tools (So You Can Finally Sleep)

These sleep tools work. They will help you through sleep regressions and sleep training (even without using cry it out). I used them with my twins and my singleton. And 8 of the best moms I know, who all value sleep highly, also agree these are the best tools there are.

Before you think you need personalized sleep consulting or sleep coaching from a sleep site, look at what you are already using to help your twins sleep.

The best expert sleep consultant for your twins is you. You are the expert in your twins. Having multiples can make moms feel like they have no idea what we are doing. But you know your twins best.

So give yourself a little bit of credit, you can solve your sleep problems. (Check out the ultimate guide to twin sleep for more help too.)

And strongly consider using some of these sleep tools for twins.

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Best Sleep Tools For Twins

This list has helped many babies sleep, including several sets of twins. Good, quality sleep happens when you figure out what works best for your family.

Your twins will sleep. You will sleep. And your whole family will benefit from the rest.

How to finally get your twins on a schedule text overlay with rying newborn twins picture
Twin babies sleeping with text overlay how to sleep train twins in the same room without using cry it out.
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Here are some more sleep tips to help you out!

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Tips Sleep Arrangements: Safe and Practical Tips

Merlin Magic Sleep Suit Pros and Cons

Helping your child sleep is so important! There are some great tools available to help your whole family get the rest they need. Here are the best sleep tools available. This list was put together by 8 moms (with 29 kids total!) who love sleep and know what they are talking about. #SleepProps #SleepTools #BabySleepTips #SleepTIps #BabySleep #NewbornSleep #SoundMachine #Pacifier #BlackOutCurtains #Swaddles
Sleep is important for everyone! Here are the best sleep tools to help baby sleep, and the whole family rest. #newbornsleep #babysleep #sleepprops #babywise #sleeptools #sleeptips
Sleep is important for everyone! Here are the best sleep tools to help baby sleep, and the whole family rest. #newbornsleep #babysleep #sleepprops #babywise #sleeptools #sleeptips
picture of sleep tool collage including sound machine, sleepers, and swaddles. Text overlay: 10 Sleep Tools for Twins So You Can Get some Rest Already!

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