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Thankful Thursday: Meo and Omi

Our anniversary weekend was so much fun.  It was made possible by my wonderful parents.  This week I am thankful for my parents, Ben’s Meo and Omi.  They were so happy to take Ben for a night to give Pat and I a chance to get away.  They cleared their schedules and really focused on taking care of my son.
Meo and Omi are so helpful with Ben.  I work for Omi, and Meo has her office there too.  So we see a lot of each other.  Let’s be honest, that could be tough.  Not with Meo and Omi.  They make it so nice for Ben and I to work with them every day.  Ben gets the benefit of seeing his grandparents practically every day.  (Sadly he doesn’t get to see Pat’s parents as much.  They live to far away. 🙁 )  I love that the three of them can be so close.  It is so helpful for me to have Meo and Omi there as well.  I can ask them questions, get their opinions on something going on with Ben.  And I have people to hold Ben for a minute so I can use the bathroom alone.  Every mom needs that.  😉 It is wonderful to have people so excited to see your son every day.  They take delight in him.  It is also super helpful to have an understanding boss.  Ben always comes first, no questions asked.  If he isn’t feeling well, or is just having an off day, it is understood that I will take care of his needs first.  Am I a lucky employee or what!

Besides just being great grandparents, Meo and Omi have been great parents.  They are and have always been so supportive.  They cheered me on with everything I have done.  They were always in my corner.  They were the parents at every single activity my brother and I had.  And I know they will be there to cheer Ben on through every thing he does as well.

So thank you for being my parents, and Ben’s grandparents, Meo and Omi.  We both love you so much.

Buddies for life!

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