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1 month old!

Wow.  I know I said this all the time with Ben (and still do).  And I know I will say it all the time with the twins.  But seriously, where has the time gone?  How are the girls one month old already??
I swear, we brought them home like yesterday.  But no, they were born a whole month ago!

I know, I am behind on blogging about what we have been up to in that month.  I wish I could say that we because we had so many fun adventures that I just didn’t have time!  Well, we have had several fun times, but honestly just taking care of the three kids has been keeping me pretty busy.  I always feel a little bad when I recount my day to Pat.  A large chunk of it is “and then I fed the girls.”  That is the way it is with newborns though.  I know I am doing an important job by taking care of their needs.  It just really does take a good chunk of time to feed them both!  Any time I get frustrated by this I remind myself how short a time they will be newborns.  I remember from Ben how it felt this same way.  Then one day I realized wow, he was eating faster.  Our days had structure.  I was able to get more done.  So I know this time will be short and sweet.  I mean, I blinked and a whole month has gone by!

The girls are doing really well.  They are a delight.  I already can’t picture our lives with them in it.  They are such sweet little babies.  They are eating well, which is wonderful.  We want them to get nice and chubby as babies like their brother did!  Sleeping is going okay.  Some nights are good, some still need some work.  Of course having two of them and trying to keep them from waking Ben up brings different challenges.  The nice thing about the second time doing this newborn thing is that we know it will pass.  Yes, I know you know that the first time around.  But it feels like it is going to last forever.  This time I can already see how their sleep has improved in this short month, and I know it will just get better as they get older and bigger themselves.  That being said I feel I can’t complain.  I don’t feel nearly as tired as I did with Ben at the beginning.  I think stressing about it less has a big part in that.

Pretty much the girls spend their days eating and sleeping still.  They have more awake times, and we do some tummy time, play, and cuddle.  They already seem to love watching Ben run around.  Ben is doing super well with the girls too.  The girls have a later wake up time then Ben, and while they are still upstairs he always asks where they are.  If only one girl is downstairs, he asks where the other is.  So not only does he know they are supposed to be with us, he knows we should have two of them.  He is working on their names, but who is who is still a challenge.  I often call the girls ladies when referring to both, and occasionally Ben does as well.  There is nothing cuter than him saying “S’ok ladies” when they make sounds.  It is such a joy to watch him develop in his new role.

I am happy to report we can tell who is who now.  Well, most of the time. 😉  They still have their different toe nail polish in case I get worried I don’t know who is who.  But overall, they look like different people to me.  Of course looking back at pictures I am not always sure, especially the newborn ones.  I’m just going to have to leave that as ‘twin problems’ if the girls ask who is who later in life.  Sorry girls.

Overall they are just such a delight to have with us.  We are still thrilled to have them.  And we are happy at how natural it is feeling to have them.  It really feels like they have always been a part of our family, we were just waiting for them to join us.

Of course I tried to take pictures for their one month birthday.  Yeah, well, twins makes it extra challenging.  So they aren’t the best pictures, but sometimes that just makes them better.

Ben helped us, of course.
Sam on the left, Ali on the right.  Ali thinking this is not going to turn out well.
My girls!


It is hard to pose two little babies!  Neither can hold herself up, and neither wanted to look at the camera.  I have some other pictures I will add later.  But I am happy to continue the monthly picture tradition with them.  Future Sam and Ali- sorry the pictures aren’t that great.  You girls are beautiful, but taking pictures of newborns isn’t my forte. 🙂

I still feel so blessed.  I have three amazing children.  I can’t wait to see all the growth the girls have in the next month!!


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