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18 Months!

How did this happen?  My tiny baby turned 18 months old this week!  
How’s I get so big?

He had his 18 month well check this week.  This was an exciting visit, it was the first time he wasn’t in the baby room!  He got weighed on the big scale, and his height was measured standing up.  So many changes!  Sadly I didn’t take any pictures.  Ben was not a fan of the whole experience and kind of cried the whole time.  I can’t say I really blame him, I hate getting weighed at the doctor too. 😉  He is healthy and growing well though!  He’s 27.8 pounds and 31.5 inches.  He is a bit on the shorter side, but I don’t think that height measurement is 100% accurate.  He did not like having the measuring device touch the top of his head, and was kind of ducking down away from it.  That being said, the poor kid comes from a long line of less than tall people on both sides of the family, so we aren’t really expecting him to be too tall.  The important thing is he is growing and developing!

Despite his not liking the doctor, the visit went well.  We don’t have to go back until he has his 2 year old well check.  I feel like there is no way my baby could ever be 2 years old, that is way too far away.  But I suppose it’s going to happen.  I am loving every day with my sweet little toddler.  Ben, you are busy, bright, and fun.  You make us all laugh and enjoy life with you.  Thank you for being such a sweetheart and making me the luckiest mother ever.

We love you, Ben!


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