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Posts from: October 2014

Mom Wins

As much as I try to be a good mom, there are still moments where I miss something.  Moments of ‘Mom Wins,’ as my friends and I like to sarcastically …

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Funny Faces

Ben has learned how to move his eyebrows up and down to mimic the funny faces Pat and I make.  It is the cutest thing ever to watch him concentrate …

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14 Months!

Ben is 14 months old today!  I am loving this stage of life he is in.  Last year was wonderful, because we had our brand new baby boy.  But this …

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Cat Tag

Anyone who has a cat knows how they can react to closed doors.  Quite often you shut a door, and a few moments later you will see a little paw …

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Long Lunch

Every so often Ben decides to have a leisurely meal.  Of course this never seems to happen when we have nothing to do and I too would like to just …

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