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Activity chair fun

Now that the girls are doing better with their assisted sitting, we pulled out an activity chair Ben used to play with.  It’s a simple one, just a seat with some toys that circle around it.  We had used it in our bedroom to keep Ben entertained while I got ready in the morning.  (Ah, back in the day when Pat and I had the big bedroom…)  I thought it might work to put one of the girls in it, and then just pull the other close to it while sitting in the bumbo.  That way they could both play with it.  
I brought it upstairs and cleaned it all up.  (It had sat in the basement for over a year, it was bit dusty.)  I sat Sammy in it at first and pulled Ali up in the bumbo.  The girls seemed very interested!  They weren’t the only ones who thought the new toy looked pretty cool though. 
The ladies, enjoying the new toy. (Ali left, Sammy right)

Ben took notice and in typical two year old style wanted to play with it too.  He came right over to show the girls how it was played with.  Luckily they were happy to watch him play with their toys.  We’re trying to get him to understand that some of these toys are for the babies now, and he is too big for them.  Honestly though if the girls don’t seem to mind him playing too we let him.  As long as he is gentle and gives the girls priority with it.

Big brother, showing how the toys work
They love watching him play!

Ben had to wait until after Ali got her turn in the toy.  The girls get first dibs on baby toys.  Ben stayed nearby in case they had any questions.

Ali, contemplating a turtle.

Finally after the girls were done playing we let Ben sit in it.  He is for sure way to big for it!  He wanted the circle tray all the way on, which meant his little legs had to stick straight out.  Even then it barely closed.  He didn’t seem to mind though.

Finally, Ben’s turn!

It’s funny to watch Ben take such an interest in these ‘baby’ toys.  I understand it, they are things he hasn’t seen in a while.  His sisters are getting attention with new things and he wants to be in on the fun.  We try to let him explore the toys as much as possible.  My thought is that letting him play with them will take some of the mystique away and make him realize they aren’t that interesting.  Even if he does want to keep playing with them we are trying to teach them that the girls get first go at them.  I am hoping that helps teach him patience and sharing.  I know we will have many a toy battle in our future, so anything we can do now to encourage sharing, or at least not fighting, is a good thing.  And it’s really cute to watch all three of them play together!!


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