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This past weekend Pat and I celebrated our 6th anniversary.  6 years!  And we still like each other!  This year we didn’t do anything big.  We exchanged gifts based on the traditional gifts for six years- iron.  That was a tough one.  To celebrate this year we also went out to dinner to one of our favorite places- Outback!  We are kind of doing a two part celebration.  The children’s resale we go to every spring and fall is the weekend after our anniversary, and we knew we wanted to go to that.  I’m a member of the group that puts it on, and we’re able to go to the pre-sale.  The one downside is it is at 8pm.  So we knew we wanted Meo and Omi to babysit Ben the week after our anniversary.  Rather than miss out on his company two weeks in a row, we took him with us to our dinner at Outback!

Ben had a great time.  We got there early and Pat called ahead, meaning we only had a 2 minute wait.  I think the restaurant knew Ben was coming.  When we got to the table, there were about 20 coasters on it.  Ben loves playing with coasters!  He sat quite well through the dinner and really enjoyed the food.  Of course at the end he got a bit antsy, he had been sitting still for a good hour.  But we whipped out the wind up toys Gramma and Grampa had sent him and he was happy.

All in all, while maybe not the most exciting anniversary, it was lovely for us.  We had good food and good company.  Happy Anniversary, Pat!

So many coasters!
Busy busy sorting coasters.
My boys!
Laughing at Mommy
I want STEAK!
My sweet little guy.


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St. Patrick's Day!
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