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Arkansas 2015: Bowling!

Our last full day of vacation we took the kids bowling!  This was the first time Ben got to bowl.  He loved it.  How does an almost 2 year old bowl?  They have a little ramp called a dinosaur for the kids to push a ball down.  I kind of wanted to use it myself.  Ben did pretty well, but it was a little tough for him waiting to take turns.  He really liked pushing the balls, and didn’t fully understand why he couldn’t do it the whole time.  In his defense he is often the only kid around, so he doesn’t have to take turns.  Most of the library programs we go to right now are still basically a free for all.  Plus, it was the end of a very busy, very fun week full of activities.  All the kids had a little bit of a challenge remembering to use their listening ears.  Luckily the big three were understanding with Ben, and Pat and I were able to double team him to let the other kids take their turns.

The big surprise- Ben won among  the cousins!  I know!  I am so going to start signing him up for every bowling activity possible and start researching bowling scholarships. 😉  Okay, maybe not.  But still, it was kind of funny.  He actually did better than I did.  Ben did have the benefit of bumpers in his lane, and I let him ‘help’ me bowl, which, well, didn’t actually help my score that much.  But that’s okay.  We all had a great time.

Superman cape and tiny bowling shoes.  So cute!

Daddy had to help carry the balls over.
Ben won!

Overall, it was another wonderful trip to Arkansas.  Thank you again to Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Chris for letting us stay with you.  And thank you to Gramma and Grampa for spending so much fun time with us and the kids.  Ben had a blast visiting and playing with his cousins.  He adored Ladybird.  His cousins were so sweet with him.  They included him in everything and didn’t mind sharing their toys.  It was crazy with all four of them running around, but I enjoyed thinking that soon enough we will think just four is tame compared to the six we will have.  We’re so lucky to have family we genuinely enjoy spending time with.  We love you, Arkansas Crew!


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