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Art Class

Ben went to his first art class!  A women in my mother’s group teaches art classes, and she hosted an open house class for ages 5 months to 5 years.  I thought this was the perfect chance to try out an art class with Ben.

It was great!  It turned out while we were there we were the only ones.  Score, private class!  The project was to paint fabric.  The fabric has a tree drawn on it in glue.  Once it was painted and dry, the glue can be scrubbed off to leave just the design.  Pretty neat.  We added Ben’s hand print in glue as well.  He didn’t really like that part.  I think he didn’t like having something spread all over his hand.  He was great with everything else though!  He kept trying to eat the brushes, so I had to be pretty hands on with the painting part.  Also to keep him from throwing the brushes.  He really enjoyed watching me paint and make sounds while we did it.  It held his attention for a decent amount of time.

Ben did eventually get tired of painting.  He did the sign for all done, so we let him get down.  The teacher had a bunch of toys ready to go, knowing that the kids wouldn’t want to sit still for too long.  Ben got to play while we finished up the painting.  I enjoyed that part as well.

Now Ben has created his first art project!  I still have to remove the glue, but then I think we are going to frame it for his room.  It looks pretty good for a first timer.  I am so happy we got to do this tester class first.  While Ben had fun, I don’t think it is something he is ready to do every week.  There are more drop in classes in the coming months, and I know we will try another.  Overall, it was a great experience!

Picking out fabric to paint
Learning what we are going to do
What are you putting on my hand?
I don’t like this!

(Almost) Finished Product! (I still need to was the glue off)
Cutest artist ever!


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