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Baked Potato Dinner

This Saturday night our church had a baked potato dinner to raise money for Imagine No Malaria.  Any time our church has a dinner fund raiser, we usually go.  Of course it helps that Omi is super involved with the church and buys us tickets.  🙂  We always have a good time when we go to church dinners.

This also marked the first time we would be going out to eat with Ben where he would also be eating with us.! He has been doing really well with solids, and I was excited to let him experience eating out with us.  This dinner was a great place to have Ben eat out for the first time.  We were able to eat early, and we didn’t have to worry about rushing or being too messy.  The people there know Ben and are always so happy to see him!

Ben did a great job!!  I was a little worried he would be overwhelmed from being around so many other people, or that he wouldn’t want to eat since he was too busy looking around.  Well, I should really have known better.  I mean, he is Pat and my son.  He had no problem eating.  In fact, he got to try broccoli for the first time.  And he loved it!  Ben really chowed down.

We all had a really great time.  Ben was a good eater.  Yes, it was a bit messy.  We’re still working on keeping food on the tray.  (I think that is going to be a long process.)  But overall it wasn’t too bad!  It was super fun to get out as a family.  And it was super fun to catch up with some of the ladies from Bell Choir!  I miss playing so much!  I think it was a successful little night out for Team Cartwright.

Watching Ben chow down.
I love my boy!
Such focus

Playing with Daddy after eating
My boys!

Meeting Mr. Potato Head
Checking things out
Just being silly 🙂


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