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Beating the heat

We have been having some hot days around here.  Ali and Sammy have also been hitting a nice place with their naps.  I really want to give them the chance to have a consistent routine as much as possible, so we have been limiting our outings a little bit.  Mainly we have the middle of the day between the two big naps.  That means we have the hottest part of the day to get out and play.  I hate heat.  The only thing we can do about that is water play!
Now, we have a big blow up pool for Ben to use.  The thing is, it is huge.  We are happy to have it, but it is a lot of work to set up and then take down.  With just me, I tend to not use it.  I am happy to report that we have taken a step up from last year where I just gave Ben a bucket to play with.  This year he has a whole tub.  Now, I know it looks a little, well, lacking.  But he seems to really enjoy it!  It is easy to fill up.  He can sit in it if he wants to.  It is super easy to clean up.  And it holds his toys when we aren’t using them!  Plus I can have it on the deck, which means I can keep the girls inside if it is too hot for them.  It’s a little annoying to hover in the doorway between Ben outside and the girls inside, but better than sunburned babies.  I think the best part is that Ben is happy with it.  That’s all we need!
Our first time I just let him play in his regular clothes.  He was soaked!!!  He didn’t mind at all, this kid just loves to play in water.

Of course just playing with the toys wasn’t enough, he had to climb in himself.  He just barely fits, but he liked it!  The water was so cold, I was surprised he wanted to get in it!

Over the weekend Pat got in on the fun.  Ben adored having someone to chase him around the yard.  I loved that I didn’t have to constantly jump back and forth between the girls and Ben.  The summer heat is tough with the girls being so young.  I want to keep them cool and out of the sun, but still let Ben get plenty of activity outside.  
Fortunately we have a big golf umbrella to keep the girls in some shade.  I had a squirt bottle to keep them cool.  They loved getting their feet sprayed!  I also let them play with cold, damp washcloths.  The shade is the biggest thing though, have to keep that perfect baby skin safe!

We have a big change from last year- Ben can work the spray nozzle on the hose!  Last year his hands weren’t strong enough.  We have to be careful this year, he can turn it on us!  We still have a bit of an advantage in that he isn’t good at aiming yet. 😉  He thought he was pretty cool, spraying Daddy with the water.  Good thing Pat is teaching him young that you don’t spray Mommy or the babies.  

I know it’s a pretty basic set up, but I am loving easy water play at home.  It is so nice to not have to go anywhere, and so nice that Ben loves it!  It’s on the list of our weekly activities for the summer. 🙂

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