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Ben’s best friend Isaac

Alright, we have wrapped up the twin only focus for now.  Time to do a little update about what we have been up to lately!

First off we need to talk about Ben’s newest best friend.  His name is Isaac.  Isaac and Ben first met during our winter break.  Let me tell you, they became best friends right away.  In fact, Ben did not stop talking about Isaac for weeks.  When Meo came to town for Ali and Sammy’s birthday party we met up with Isaac again, this time bringing Peyton and Aunt Gail.  Once again, they had a blast.  Peyton really enjoyed her visit with Isaac.

A week ago we took another visit to Ben’s newest best friend.  It was bit more crowded this time, but Ben and Isaac got to spend some time together.  Oh, have I mentioned Isaac is a camel?

Yes, Isaac the camel has made quite the impression on Ben.  Every time we have been to the zoo Ben wants to go on the camel rides.  This past time Ben walked up to one of the big maps, found the pictures of the camels, and told us ‘we go here.’  When Meo was in town we wanted to take her to the zoo too, and Aunt Gail was able to bring Peyton with us too!

Isaac the camel!
Isaac, Ben, and Peyton!


Despite having been on the camel twice in about a month’s time, Ben still wanted to do it again.  He looks so little on the camel, but seems like such a big boy!  I can’t believe my little baby is such a little boy now!  This most recent time was pretty crowded at the zoo, so they actually had three camels going at once.  I was fully prepared to tell Ben whomever he rode was Isaac, but he actually got on the real deal!  It was cute how excited he was.  The zoo worker who led them around actually remembered Ben and called him ‘Isaac’s best friend.’  Oh the sweet look of pride on Ben’s face when he heard that.
Can I just say how much I love this camel?  He totally preens and poses for pictures.  He knows he looks good!

Besides the camel rides the zoo trips were pretty good.  The one with Meo sadly started off a bit rough.  Sammy and Ali were just not happy at first, and Ben was having some issues with his listening ears.  But everyone came around and we managed to have a good time.

Ben and Meo at the zoo!
The kids loved playing in the big treehouse.
Peyton can pose like a pro too! 🙂
I love these two sweeties hanging out
Uh, oh, Ben’s driving! 😉
These two just love to RUN!

The second Isaac trip had Pat with us, which of course the kids adored.  We went through a different part of zoo.  They have a special kids section.  We didn’t get to spend a ton of time in it, but we will for sure be going back.  Ben got to climb on a couple of tractors.  The girls were in a much better mood on this trip too!  Of course everything is more fun when Daddy is there.

Happy Ali!
Smiling Sammy!

We got to share our lunch time with a family of ducks!  These little birds were super brave and not shy about looking for food.  Ben was tickled to see them.



On the tractors!
This kid adores a steering wheel.

What can I say, we adore the zoo.  Thank you again to Aunt Gail and Uncle Dan for the membership!

Besides the zoo, the rest of Meo’s trip was spent on the girls’ birthday party.  We had a great time with Meo when she came to visit.  The kids love going to the airport to pick her up.  We get to ride the sky tram, not once, but twice!  Ben loves going to ‘save Meo.’  I’m not completely sure what we are saving her from, but Ben is very adamant that we saved her.

Ben was so proud of his sign for Meo!

If I need to offer any incentives for friends to come and visit us, here it is.  The kids will help you unpack.  They are super helpful and not at all afraid to go through each and every item you brought with you.

Helpers in action. 😉

Thanks for visiting, Meo!  We love you!

We had a great time with Meo, Aunt Gail, Peyton, Isaac, and at the zoo.  Be ready for more pictures of camels, I think we’ll be visiting Ben’s friend a lot.


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