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BFBN Week:More than just a sleep system and How to babywise with multiple kids

Last day of this BFBN week!  We have had some great posts this week to try to get rid of some of the myths surrounding babywise.  Today we have two last great posts.

Text: Haters Miss the Point Babywise Is More Than Just Sleep Twinning Babywise (Text overlay on picture of babywise book

The first comes from Cole from Twinning Babywise.  She is talking to us about Haters Miss the Point: Babywise is More Than Just Sleep.  Some people think babywise is just about getting your baby to sleep through the night as soon as possible.  Yes, we all want our babies to sleep at night so we can sleep too.  But babywise is so much more than that! Cole writes:

 “The purpose of the -wise series isn’t to get your kids sleeping through the night as quickly as possible (although, BONUS!). The purpose is to teach new parents how to be good stewards of their children. The objective is a parent who is in control of their children and their family – one who can make the distinction between what is best for a child’s development and what the child wants in the moment. “

Read the rest of her post to learn more about how babywise is more than just a sleep system:

Haters Miss the Point: Babywise is More Than Just Sleep

Text: Busting Babywise Misconceptions: How To Make Babywise Possible with Multiple Children  Picture: 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, on a bridge facing away from camera

The last post of the week is from Emily at The Journey of Parenthood.  She is talking about how babywise is possible with multiple children.  I love this post.  When I was expecting the girls I knew I wanted to use the babywise principles that had worked so well with Ben, but it can be a bit daunting to think about making it all work with more than one child.  Emily really outlines well how it can be done.  She writes:

I think the reason people assume Babywise scheduling isn’t possible with multiple children is because we do tend to “slack” more the more kids we have. You have to! Your life can’t revolve around one child because you have more than one child. I’m here to say though that you don’t have to veer off course just because you have more than one child under your roof! I’m living proof of it :)”

Check out the rest here: How to Make Babywise Possible with Multiple Children

Here is the rest of the schedule for the week.  Be sure to check back to read more!

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Myth: Feeding on a schedule will ruin your milk supply. This blanket statement just isn't true. Here is what scheduling really means and proof that scheduling doesn't diminish milk supply. #babywise #babywisemyth #breastfeeding #breastfeedingtwins #newborn #schedules #babywiseschedules #supplyanddemand
Scheduling Doesn't Diminish Milk Supply: Busting this Myth.
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