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Christmas Walk

This past weekend we went to Christmas Walk!  We got lucky and it wasn’t too chilly out.  It was a lot of fun!  We started the evening at the church chili supper.  Well, Pat had the chili.  I stuck with a hot dog, and brought Ben’s usual food.  We gave him little bits of bun and hot dog to try, but with all the people around I think he was happier sticking to his regular food.  We fueled up to face the chilly night, but not too much.  We had to save room for any snacks we stumbled upon.

Upstairs in the church they do a display of all sorts of Nativity Scenes.  I love looking at it.  They are all brought in by different members of the church, and they are all so different!  This year we added Ben’s Nativity to the display!  It looked so cute to see the toy set out there with all the adult (read: breakable) versions.  Ben loves playing with his Nativity.  I was wondering how he would react to seeing it sitting out, but he was too busy dancing to the music playing to care.  After checking out the church stuff, we headed to the street.

Most of what we did at Christmas Walk was walk around and look at things.  The library usually has music, but that was closed this year for the renovations they are doing.  We watched kids play games and go down the giant slide.  We walked down and watched the carriage rides.  Ben enjoyed looking at the horses.  He looked right at them and said, “woof woof.”  Right now every four legged creature says woof woof.  It’s pretty cute.  We watched kids ice skate, and we watched the ice sculptor create a Kristoff out of a block of ice. Yes, at Ben’s current age it is a lot of watching.  He seemed pretty happy with it though.  There was always music going and Ben was dancing non-stop.  We did get ourselves a little treat, a caramel and chocolate covered pretzel.  It was so good!  We let Ben nibble on it a bit too.  I am all for eating healthy, but sometimes we you need to have a little fun food.  While we munched on our treat, we watched the silent parade.  The silent parade consists of a bunch of fire trucks and ambulances that go through town with just their lights on.  They are all decorated for the holiday.  It might sound a little strange, but it is really very pretty.  I love Christmas lights, and I hope Ben likes them as well.

After the parade we saw Olaf and Elsa!  (Yes, Frozen was heavily featured at Christmas Walk.)  I enjoy the movie, and I know Ben’s cousins ADORE it.  I thought it would be fun to get a picture of Ben with Olaf and Elsa to show his cousins.  Ben was fine with looking at them, but as soon as we got a couple feet away to get ready for the picture he let out a scream of pure terror.  Elsa didn’t seem to bother him, but some guy in a snowman costume?  No way.  I did not get the picture taken and quickly got Ben out of there.  (Elsa looked quite relieved by this.)  The rest of the evening Ben kept a close eye on Olaf.  I am curious to see how meeting Santa goes this year after seeing Ben react to Olaf.

After all that we had pretty much seen everything, and it was almost Ben’s bedtime.  We headed home, where I promptly dropped the other pretzel we had gotten on the ground.  Boo for me.  But that was the worst part of the evening.  We had a great time.

I took a few pictures, but it was pretty dark (being night and all;) )

Laughing with Daddy
Dancing with Mommy
Loving his treat

Christmas Walk means we are prepping for Christmas hard core.  Only a few more weeks til the holiday!


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