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Corn Maze

For the past few years, Meo, Omi, Pat and I have been going to a local corn maze.  Every year we race through the maze.  The first year they had an actual race maze to go through, and sadly Pat and I lost.  That has been the only time we have lost though.  Pat and I have claimed victories at every other visit.

This year we were didn’t want to be too cocky.  We would have a one year old to carry around with us.  Luckily Ben is still young enough to enjoy being worn, so I was able to strap him on and get around the maze.  And Ben loved it!!  We saw several other babies being worn around the maze too.  It was definitely the way to go.  Next year, however, I think Ben might want to walk.  That gives us a year to convince him he wants to be on Meo and Omi’s team, right?

The theme for the maze this year was Cinderella.  They have several games you can play through the maze.  We decided to race by going through the maze parts that had numbered checkpoints.  There is a map of the maze and the checkpoints are labeled, making it much easier.  We decided to have Pat and I start with checkpoint 1, and Meo and Omi to start with checkpoint 8.  Pat and I have a great system for the maze.  I work the map while he scouts ahead.  He is also responsible for my general well being in the maze, since I tend to be fully focused on the map.  He makes sure I don’t trip over anything or fall into a mud puddle or something.  This year I was also on baby duty, wearing Ben.  We thought we were making pretty good time.  We found our check points and were on our way to number 7.  I had just asked Pat how he though Meo and Omi were doing, when we saw them.  Yes, they too were on their way to number 7.  Somehow they had gotten from 8 to 6, and, well, that was as far as they had gotten.  We brought them with us to 7 and showed them how to get out of that section of the maze before heading onto check point 8.  You guessed it, Pat, Ben, and I won!!!  That is 4-1.  Go Team Cartwright!

Gearing up for the race!
Action shot!
With Meo and Omi!
The winners!


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