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Firemen visit

Last week we had a little unplanned fire drill here at Omi & Associates.  Wednesday, just after lunch, the fire alarms started going off.  Our office was fine, but we are one suite in a much larger building.  I grabbed Ben and we all headed outside.  Fortunately our building is not heavily occupied, and we could quickly see everyone was outside safely.  Unfortunately, no one had seen any sign of a fire or had any idea what was going on.  So we waited for the fire department.  By the time they made it, it was pretty clear there was no actual fire.  We didn’t know completely for sure, so we all stayed outside.  But there were no signs that anything was wrong.  Well, other than the blaring alarms of course.  It turns out it was a false alarm.  A sprinkler valve got bumped and set everything off.  Everything was safe.

Ben thought this whole process was super exciting.  Three fire trucks came.  You can imagine the excitement of that for a two year old.  Three big fire trucks!  The firemen had their full gear on!  One of the firemen brought out hats for Ben and me.  Add to this it was a nice day and he was hanging out outside with his mommy and omi.  It was a pretty good day to be Ben.

Despite there being no real fire, the fire department couldn’t turn all the alarms off.  We ended up leaving early for the day so Ben could still get his nap in.  A visit from firemen, free hats, and getting to leave early?  I’d say it was a pretty good day. 🙂

Fire truck!
So exciting
As per usual, not paying attention when I try to get a picture together.
Cute little junior fireman!

The firemen did apologize for only having pink hats.  Ben of course did not care.  He’s two, pink is just a color to him.  Pat and I are pretty pleased though.  We actually have a black fire hat from Touch-a-Truck.  Two little pink hats will be perfect for two little girls. 😉  We’re thankful for all the firemen that work so hard to keep us all safe, and we’re happy it was a false alarm!


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