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First Haircut!

Ben had a big weekend.  He got his first haircut!  It was definitely time.  The back was getting a bit too long, and the front got into his eyes sometimes.  I was hesitant, because, well, because it was my baby’s first hair cut!  I have adored Ben’s hair as it has grown in.  I love how it came in so blond and wonderful, and stuck up all over the place.  It was so light that it wouldn’t lay down on its own at first.  Everyone loved his crazy hair.  But over time the length added weight and it wasn’t as crazy.  Overall, while Ben was still adorable, his hair was getting a bit shaggy.  So I made an appointment to take care of it.

We went to a local kids salon for the first cut.  I chose it in part because I wanted to make the first cut special, and they had a little first cut deal.  I also wanted to try it out since it focused completely on children.  Every station was a car or some other fun thing to sit in, and they all had tvs to watch a show.  (I know, too much tv isn’t good for kids.  But neither is moving around and getting an uneven haircut. 😉 )  Plus, I thought if it was a place that specialized in kids they wouldn’t mind if Ben freaked out a little.

Ben did quite well!!  He liked sitting in the race car.  He got frustrated that his hands were covered by the smock they put on him, but once we got that fixed he was okay.  We chose for him to watch a Mickey video, since lately he has enjoyed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  To make it even better, the girl next to us chose to watch Frozen, enabling Ben to look back and forth between two of his favorite videos.  (I can tell he is wondering when we’re going to get a setup that good at home.  Never, sweetie, never.)  He didn’t like someone touching his head so much, but he quickly settled into what was going on.  A little boy on the other side of Ben unfortunately cried throughout his whole hair cut.  I was a little worried that would set Ben off, but it seemed to actually calm him a bit.  I mean, getting your hair messed with was annoying, but it wasn’t worth completely freaking out over.

The woman who cut his hair was great.  It has to be so hard to cut little kid hair.  You have to get in, cut, and get out before the cry.  All without accidentally cutting the child, or angering the parents by messing up the cut.  Plus she had to work around Pat and I taking pictures.  We also invited Meo and Omi, so yeah, not the easiest thing to do.  But she did a great job, and we are very happy with the result.

The hard thing now is that my little baby is looking less and less baby like, and more and more little boy like.  It’s is exciting and sad all at the same time.  He is a very handsome little boy though. 😉

One last ‘before’ shot.
Unsure when we got started.
I love the mo hawk. 🙂
Driving the car
Looking good!
What a handsome, big boy!
I look good!
The cute certificate he got.

True, the pictures on the certificate weren’t the best, but we didn’t want to sit there forever while we tried to get Ben to smile for it.  In the before shot he was confused about what was going on, and I’m pretty sure in the after he’s annoyed we turned of Mickey.  Still, it was a good experience.  Thank you to Meo and Omi for being there for Ben!


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