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Friday Family Update {March 24}

Time to catch  up on what the kids have been up to!

A couple of weeks ago we invaded Aunt Gail’s house to visit.  We had so much fun!  Fortunately for us Aunt Gail and Uncle Dan have a bunch of toys at there house.  Ali, Ben, and Sammy are always happy to have different toys to explore.  Plus Aunt Gail’s house has a big hallway to run down.  The best part- she doesn’t mind! We played inside for a bit then had some lunch.  After lunch we headed outside!  I was able to let Ali and Sammy crawl around a bit for once.  I put out a blanket for them.  They crawled right off it, of course.  Ali actually ventured into the grass for a bit.  Sammy was a little more hesitant about it.  I think they really liked having the freedom to crawl around outside.  I can’t wait for them to get past the everything-in-the-mouth time.  I guess they don’t put everything in their mouth right now.  But they did attempt to taste some rocks.  They won’t be loose very frequently.  I do also have some concerns about all the prickly plants around here.  While it is fun to let the girls crawl around free, they do still need some serious attention.
I got some pictures, but managed to forget to get any of Aunt Gail with the kids!  Sorry!  But thank you for letting us invade and hang out for the day.  We had a lot of fun.
Sweet girls outside!


Sammy knows how to work the camera.
Ali!  I love these sweeties in their sun hats!
Ali was quite the explorer!  Ben made sure she was safe.
These three had so much fun!!
Sweet sisters sharing lunch.  I love that they are willing to share the little table.
And then your sister puts her foot on the table.  Twin problems.
A couple of weekends ago Pat’s school had a 5k run.  No, we didn’t run in it. Pat helped out so we went to check it all out!  I am so glad we did.  I got to meet so many nice people that Pat works with.  I loved hearing that they all liked him!  (I wouldn’t expect otherwise.)  The race was a big event for the community, with music, food, and activities for the kids.  Ben got to go in a little petting zoo.  He played on the playground.  The highlight was getting to sit in a real firetruck!  It took some time for Ben to warm up to it, but he did climb up!  It was so cute to see him talking to the fireman.  The look of pride on his face afterwards was priceless.
My boys checking everything out!
Ali! Happy to be at the event.
Sammy, trying not to smile.
Ben and the firemen!  He listened so carefully to them.
Future fireman?


Finally, as I mentioned Pat and I had our 8 year anniversary on Pi Day.  We didn’t do anything big, but I did take advantage of the day to make Pat’s favorite pie- banana cream!  My favorite part of this was that Ben could help with pretty much every step.  We helped me press the crust into the pan, make the filling, cut the bananas, and put the filling in the crust.  I am pretty certain his favorite part was liking the bowl afterward.  I don’t blame him- that was my favorite part too!  Ben was so excited to show Daddy the pie, Pat didn’t even get through the door before Ben was running up and telling him about it.
Mixing the filling.
Cutting up the bananas.  Just a butter knife, but I was a bit nervous!
Filling the pie.
Liking the bowl!  The best part.
My happy helper!


Thank you again to Aunt Gail for letting us come visit!  We all had a great time.  Looking back on these pictures is making me want more pie.  I wonder what I can let Ben help me bake next… 🙂

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