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Gender reveal!

Yesterday we got to find out the genders of our little twins!  We are going to have two little girls.  We are very excited.  I fully admit this is the combo that scared Pat and me the most.  Two teenage girls at once?  Two girls going through puberty at the same time?  Two weddings?  But despite any worries, we are very happy.  We had always hoped to have a boy and a girl, and now we will have that plus one!

We are very excited to see Ben grow into his new role as a big brother.  We are talking to him about how he will have two little sisters, but honestly I don’t feel he has fully gotten this whole sibling thing.  I think he is just too young to really grasp what is going to happen.  And that is okay.  He’ll adjust when the babies come.  Yes, it will probably be hard and confusing at first.  But we will be there with him every step of the way and work to find our new balance as a family of five.

Ben’s learning about sisters. 🙂

So far everything with the girls is looking great.  Everyone is healthy and growing as they should be.  I feel so blessed to be adding to our family.  Thank you to everyone for all the love and support.  It is so wonderful to know so many people are excited to meet and know our sweet girls.  They have a few more months to hang out and grow, but I am very excited to meet them myself.


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