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Gramma and Grampa Visit: Train Park!

A Gramma and Grampa visit to our new town wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the train park!!
Ben had a great time showing the park to Gramma and Grampa.  As soon as we got there he wanted to go into the museum (what he calls the room with all the model trains).  Ben got to ride the train and the carousel, plus play at the park!  The girls had fun people watching with Gramma and me while the boys ran around.  Get ready for a lot of pictures from this park for as long as we live here.  We’ve gone at least once a month since we’ve moved here!

Ben loves the water tower!  He was so cute calling out, “Hello down there!”


The ladies, happy to be out and about.  (Sammy L Ali R)


My boys, so sweet!



Checking out the model trains!


The tiny train is so fun!


Ben really wanted Daddy to get in the train too.  He’s a good sport and got on!


Hi Mommy!






The boys got to ride the train!


Hi guys!


Here they come again!


I’m not that great at getting pictures of them on the go, but here they are!

That night we also all went out to dinner!  We don’t often go out, so this was a real treat!  This is one of the first times the girls have gotten to sit at the table and eat with us.  They loved it!!!  Ben, Ali, and Sammy all had a great time.  The girls were the stars of the show, so many people stopped by the table to see them!

Ali!  So happy to be a big girl and sit at the table.


Sammy!  Giggling the whole time.


Ben!  We found out he liked hush puppies and restaurants where you can color on the table.



Me and Gramma!
Grampa and my happy boy!

The kids did a great job at the restaurant.  It was a seafood place, and I was curious to see what Ben thought.  He liked the hush puppies we got.  But of course you fry up some dough and who doesn’t like it?  He mainly ate what I brought for him, but he did try some new food.  I am proud of him for that!  This place has paper table cloths you can color all over, which Ben thought was pretty cool.  Plus he got to sit with the boys, his favorite!  Ali and Sammy ate what I brought, but they had a blast sitting up in the high chairs!  They giggled and played with the paper.  They smiled at everyone and seriously were the cutest things.  All three kids were so well behaved, I was so proud of them!

We had a great day and I am so grateful for the time we all got to spend together!


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