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Happy Birthday, Ben!

Wow.  Today, Ben turns one year old.  In some ways it still feels like we are just finding out we are going to have a baby.  And in so many others it feels like Ben has always been a part of our lives.  I can’t imagine a life without him in it now.  This past year has been wonderful and busy.  I think it has been the best year yet.

I know we all go through it ourselves, and many people go through it with their children.  But the first year of a person’s life is amazing!  We come into the world a tiny helpless little thing.  All we do is eat, sleep, and poop.  Then in one short year we become a whole person.  We can move about, communicate (not always in words, but in other ways) laugh, smile, play, eat, hug.  So much happens in that first year.  A lot of changes take place as a parent too.  In this past year I have learned to do many activities one handed.  I can use the bathroom lightning fast.  I can tell if my baby is hungry, tired, needs a new diaper, or is just looking for attention.  I have learned so much from Ben.  I have learned how to instantly wake up at the sound of a baby coughing.  I’ve learned how to sleep through baby grunts.  I’ve learned to swaddle, cuddle, tickle, and calm my boy.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to love more than I ever knew I could.

Ben has grown and changed so much this year.  He is crawling, babbling up a storm, and eating a ton.  He wants to get into everything.  He is learning how to climb onto things.  (Yes, I hate that one.  Not safe!)  He plays hard and loves hard.

I have loved being Ben’s mom this past year, and I can’t wait for all that is in store for us in the future.  It’s still catch myself thinking I have a new baby.  Now I have to be sure to say I have a 1 year old.  But he’ll always be my baby.

Newborn sweetness
One year old cutie


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