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Every blog has to start with an introductory post, so here we go!

To begin with, I am writing this blog as a way to share photos and updates mainly on how Ben is doing.  We have so many wonderful friends and family members that we don’t get to see very much, but still want to know what Ben is up to.  It is also a great chance for me to record our Team Cartwright adventures.  Someday Ben might like to look back at this and see what his childhood was like.  It is also a great way for me to remember all those little parts of raising a child that get forgotten over time.  Ben is only 6 months old and I already feel like time is flying.  I don’t want to forget a moment of our lives together.

So let’s meet Team Cartwright!!

First up- Kim!
I am the mom/wife of the group.  So yes, I am the leader.  At least everyone else lets me think so.  I graduated from Albion College with a degree in chemistry, and I am currently working as an accountant.  I know, life takes us on strange paths sometimes.  I tried out the grad school thing and wasn’t very into it.  I worked at a pharmaceutical company for a time.  Now I find myself happily working for Omi & Associates.  It is a wonderful group headed up by my favorite CPA, my dad.  (Omi is what Ben calls him.) Now, this is not exactly the line of work I saw myself in.  But the job comes with a lot of perks.  The biggest and best of these perks is that Ben works there too!  As my dad says, what is a family business if you can’t bring the family?  I am so blessed to get to work to provide for my family and raise my son.  It brings some unique challenges, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I love to read, exercise, and spend time with my family.  One of my all time favorite places is the library.  I enjoy way more young adult fiction than an adult woman probably should, but I also really enjoy reading pretty much anything.  I enjoy cooking and baking.  I love my family more than anything and feel so blessed to have them.

picture of woman smiling and man with sunglasses

Kim and Pat

Next up- Pat!
Pat is the dad/husband.  He might argue he is the leader of the family.  Sometimes I even let him think so.  Just kidding, we are a team.  Hence Team Cartwright, right?  Pat graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in English.  A few years ago he went back to school and got his master’s degree in education.  He is currently a busy substitute teacher and tutor.  We are still looking for his own permanent classroom, but in the meantime he is getting the chance to try out every grade and do something different every day.

I am writing Pat’s interests for him, but I know what he likes.  Sports.  Specifically football and hockey.  But to be honest almost any sport will do.  He is from the Pittsburgh area.  Therefore he adores the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates.  He is also a huge Buckeye fan.  I would say his favorite time of year is the fall, as it is football season.  Since marrying me he has also come to realize he is a fan of the Bears too.  He knows a ton about sports.  He knows a ton about a lot of stuff.  Always try to be on his team if you are playing Trivial Pursuit.  Beyond sports, he also enjoys cooking (although I tend to keep the kitchen as my domain), reading, and the outdoors in general.  He’s always up to try new things, which I love.  He’s a really good writer too!

Our third member- Dagger!
I know, I bet you thought I was going to say Ben.  But Dagger is the older sister here.  If I was doing this based on who entered my life first, she would actually be listed before Pat.  Dagger is the sweetest, most wonderful kitty in the world.  I got her after I graduated college.  So she and I have been together for a long time.  She is a beautiful all black little girl.  And she is little, only about 9 pounds.  She has been a ray of light in my life.

picture of adorable black cat sitting on red tissue paper

Dagger has a few fun interests.  The biggest is sleep.  Man, can that girl sleep.  I know, all cats do that.  But she really works hard at being a good sleeper and lounger in general.  She enjoys eating, although she has some strange tastes.  She doesn’t really like seafood.  Yes, she is a cat that doesn’t like seafood.  I don’t understand it either.  She does, however, enjoy chips.  She has been known to eat bbq chips.  She likes salty snacks and cheese.  Dagger is not afraid to beg for her food either.  Don’t let her tiny size fool you, the girl is well fed!  We try to stick to only kitty treats, but she usually can con a taste out of either Pat or I.  She enjoys playing with her stick toys.  Her best friend is currently her lizard.  Being her best friend can get you in trouble though.  Someday I’ll share the story of her duck and frog.  Pat got her the best toy ever though- shoelace.  She loves that shoelace so much.  Overall Dagger is a cuddly little girl who loves to purr.

Finally, the newest member of Team Cartwright- Benjamin!
Benjamin is our sweet little 6 month old son.  He is truly a delight and we are so blessed to be his parents.  He was born August 25th.  He has been a working baby since he was two weeks old.  Yes, if you come to visit us at the office Ben will be there to greet you.  He is a smiley, good natured baby.  He loves to play in  his jumper, hang out with Mommy and Daddy, and give 4 am concerts.  Pat and I are super lucky, as he is generally sleeping through the night.  He loves his pacifiers and watching Dagger walk around.  He is getting better at sitting up, and is super happy when he gets to spend time watching sports with Daddy.

baby boy in sock monkey jammies smiling and sitting up with boppy support
The wonderful Benjamin

I plan to write mainly about Ben and his many adventures.  I also plan to post a bunch of pictures.  This is a place for me to document all the happenings in our lives.

These are the main four of Team Cartwright.  We have a ton of friends and family that play a huge roll in our lives as well.  Thank you all for visiting this blog and I am so excited to share Team Cartwright’s adventures with you!!!


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