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Last swim of summer

Happy Labor Day!

Well,  Happy Labor Day yesterday.  We spent a relaxing afternoon over at Meo and Omi’s house.  It was great to get out of the house, but also nice not to have to do anything too hard core.  Ben got to play and run around, we ate some yummy food, and everyone got to relax.

Ben got to have what will probably be his last swim of summer.  We had hoped to go to the big pool this weekend, but the last day they were open was Friday.  I understand most of their lifeguards were back at school, but we were disappointed.  We do have the giant pool we can pull out at our place.  But honestly, sometimes Pat and I are just too lazy for that.  Luckily for us Meo and Omi volunteered to set up their little pool for Ben.  Yes, it is tiny, but it has big fun!  Ben loves it!

 Doesn’t he look like he should be heading to vacation in Hawaii or something?  Bringing toys over to Meo and Omi’s house- close enough! 🙂

Along with swimming there were some good walks with Daddy.  Ben loves to be outside, and I love that Pat does as well.  Especially when it is hot and humid out.  (I’d blame pregnancy, but, well, we all know it’s really an all the time thing.)  It is so cute to watch them explore together.  They had fun walking around and tossing sticks into the pond.

Add to all this outdoor fun some tasty food and it was a perfect afternoon.  Thank you to Meo and Omi for hosting us.  I’ll miss a lot of our summer fun, but I am looking forward to the fall!  Cooler weather, the corn maze, the falling leaves… so many fun activities are coming up.  I can’t wait to share it with Ben and Pat!


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