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Letter from Gramma- Guest Post

Well, we have survived the first year of having twins.  Go us!  I can’t believe a whole year has gone by.  It is so true what they say sometimes, the days are long but the years are short.  I feel like the girls were just born yesterday, but that we’ve had them forever.  So yup, all the cliches are holding up here.  🙂  I’ve decided to take a couple of weeks and look back at all things twin.  I really love blogging because it helps me organize my thoughts and keep a record of our lives.  Things can get pretty hectic, especially with three kids, and I don’t want to forget this amazing year.

To start off with we have a guest post from Gramma!  Gramma has a unique point of view in that both of her kids have twins.  And no, there is no genetic reason why we both should, just pure chance.  Can you imagine having one set of twins as grandchildren, then finding out you are getting another?  I’m not sure what the odds are on that, but I would think not very high.  I asked her to write a bit about her thoughts when she found out Ali and Sammy were on the way, and a bit on her perspective of the girls’ first year.  Thank you so much for writing, Gramma!!

Here is what she had to say:

I remember when we first found out you were expecting what was to be your second baby (our 5th grandchild) and teasing you about possibly having twins (since Lindsay had a set of twins) and we all laughed (Kim and Patrick perhaps a bit uncomfortably).  Even though the timing was a bit earlier than anticipated, we were so excited for you and for the new addition to the family.  We knew you would be great parents to this new life you had created together.
Imagine everyone’s surprise when ultrasounds and other tests showed there were, in fact, two babies!!!!  Of course, I can’t even begin to understand your shock/joy/terror/anticipation (and many more emotions I’m sure), but we were thrilled for you knowing your family would be complete, that Ben would have two little siblings to help care for/play with/boss around.
Apparently our kids don’t mess around with having kids.  First Lindsay has a baby and 2 years later has twins, then you have Ben and a little over 2 years later have twins as well.  How many grandparents can say that each of their children has a set of twins?  It’s amazing and wonderfully magical!
I know you were happy that you had a sister-in-law Lindsay to lean on during the pregnancy and after the twins were born, having gone through it in the not-too-distant past.  And Lindsay was happy to lend what expertise (are we ever experts as parents?) and reassurances she could to you.  I know that this shared experience has made you two closer and I am delighted to see that.
I somehow never doubted that all would go well with both the pregnancy and birth and that mother and both babies would be healthy.  Sometimes one just feels that instinctively and that was the case with me.
You two did such a great job preparing Ben for the babies and making him on one hand feel special that he was the big brother and on the other hand that this was just normal life and the babies weren’t going to take anything away from his relationship with the two of you.  Ben didn’t seem too impressed by the new additions and mostly just ignored them; however he always made sure they had their binkies, their burp cloths, and their loveys with them which was pretty special!!!  As the girls have grown, Ben has overall been gentle with them, has allowed them to crawl over him, has learned to share most toys with them (of course, he still needs his own “big boy” toys, which is only right), and straightens up after them which is hysterical.
Our only regret is that we don’t live closer and can’t see them and their big brother Ben as often as we would like.  I know we’ve missed a lot being so far apart, but you two have done a great job of keeping us up to date and in touch with picture, videos, phone calls, and Skype.  Thank you for that!
These new additions to our family have been loved from the moment we knew of their existence and it has been a joy to see them thrive in their first year of life.  They are beautiful, snuggly (which is a grandmother’s dream of course), funny, loud, giggly, sweet girls and we are so lucky to have them in our lives.
Thank you for your great letter, Gramma!


Gramma and Sammy!
Gramma and Ali!

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