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March Madness Results!

We have our March Madness results from the Team Cartwright/Omi and Associates pool!  I know, the final four games just took place.  The championship hasn’t happened yet.  But yes, the entire group of us is done.  And has been done for some time.  Kind of sad, but we tried.  We all had fun too.

As the Bracket Commissioner (yes, a title I gave myself), I get the fun of making awards for everyone!  This is an award for everyone type of event.  That is part of the fun of doing it!  I really get a kick out of making the awards, so I am so happy my family humors me and lets me hand them out.  Let’s get right to the results!

7th Place: Priscilla! (Meo and Omi’s cat) The “What do you people expect from me, I’m a cat” award.  Sadly she came in last place last year too.  But basketball just isn’t her thing.  I’m not sure what her thing is, besides napping.  I’m sure it is awesome and she rocks at it though. 😉

6th Place: Omi! The “Yay! My name is on every award” award.  Okay, this one only makes sense because Omi and Associates is on the certificate.  He found it funny though.

5th Place: Dagger! (hehe, yes, Omi lost to a cat) The “I should have had Daddy make my picks, but at least I beat Priscilla” award.  Yeah, Dagger is pretty competitive with Priscilla.  I made her picks this year so she didn’t do very well.

4th Place: Meo! The “If you combine all the brackets I filled out I would have won” award.  She covered the whole of Meo, Omi, and Priscilla picks.

There was a tie for second place!
2nd Place: Kim!  The “Not too bad for being more concerned with getting pictures than actually making picks” award.  Yes, I really was more interested in getting pictures of us making our picks.  Priorities, right?

2nd Place: Pat!  The “Already beaten by my own son” award.  We always knew a time would come when Ben would best Pat at something athletic related.  We didn’t know Ben would only be 7 months old when that happened.

Which leads us to…
1st Place: Ben!!!!  The 2014 Champion Award!  I am so proud of my little man.  He has already won his first March Madness pool.  And yes, he really gets the winnings.  It’s only $7, but it has already been deposited in his bank account.

So let’s recap.  Only one person lost to a cat (Sorry, Omi!), but we all lost to a baby.  Yep, we are that awesome.  🙂  But we all had fun, which is the whole point of the game.

Here are some of the winners with their awards:

You can tell they are super pleased with their awards.  Way to go, everyone!

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