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My Twins Are Cuter: The twin clothes you need to see (plus a promo code!)

(Disclosure: Products were received for free in exchange for this post.  All opinions are honest and my own.)

“Two for the price of one, huh?”  Any other twin mom hear that just about every time they are out?  (Among with other things.)  I usually just smile and nod when I hear this.  In my head I want to yell, “No!  Two for the price of two!”  Just because two babies were born at the same time does not mean you get out of paying for one of their needs.  The trade off is worth it- I have two sweet babies to love.  But it can make the budget a bit more challenging.
Text: My Twins Are Cuter The twin clothes you need to see (and a PROMO CODE) Picture: Mom holding twin babies, one with pacifier one smiling
I am strict with myself when it comes to the girls’ clothes. It can be so annoying.  Little girl clothes are so cute!  Oh, and having twins.  I totally want to take advantage of dressing them in whatever I want while they are still little and don’t have a say in what they wear.  I will totally confess to enjoying dressing them alike.   I mean, I have twins, why not have some fun with it?  Let me tell you how excited I was to learn about My Twins Are Cuter.

My Twins Are Cuter is a site with clothing just for twins and twin moms!!  It was founded by Dawn, a twin mom (who else to better get what other twin moms are looking for?) after her twins noticed she liked to point out her twins were cuter.  What mom doesn’t think that?  We all want our twins to be the cutest, and she is helping us out with it.  Let me tell you a few things I like about this site.
1) Almost everything is sold in a set.  I know it sounds silly, but having to go back and order a second of something or find a coordinating outfit of another gender can be enough to make me say no.  One click and you have both items.
2) There is a size chart!  It’s a little thing, but Ali and Sammy have outfits that they currently wear sized 6 months through 18 months.  A whole year is represented there!  It is a bit ridiculous.  Having a size chart makes me feel like I am actually getting the right size.
3) There are clothes for all gender combos!  Boy/boy, girl/boy, girl/girl.  They are all there.
4) The designs are simple, clean, and CUTE.  Sometimes you don’t want the cheesy sayings, just something a little less overt.  All of the designs incorporate the number 2, but aren’t shouting ‘Twins!’ at you.  This is awesome in case one of the kids spills on their outfit.  The other child can wear the top without looking silly if they aren’t paired up with someone.
5) All shipping in the US is $5.  Now, I normally am an Amazon Prime type of person.  But this is a reasonable amount.  The consistency makes it easier to budget for an plan ahead for future purchases!
6) The prices are decent.  These are specialty items, so it isn’t like you are going to completely outfit your twins in them all the time.  But they are very accessible.  Most of the items are $25-$30 a set- so that is for two pieces.  That is really not bad!  And they aren’t limited to a certain holiday or time of year to wear them.  I can see me getting a lot of use out of these.
My favorite part- My Twins Are Cuter is giving Team Cartwright readers a special discount code! Put TWINMOMBLOG into the coupon code spot in your cart to get 20% off your first order!  Yay!

Dawn very generously sent the girls and me a couple of tops to try out.  Ali and Sammy got the Whimsical Whale onesies and I got the”I love my twins” distressed ink tee.  I love them all.  They came in a cute package.  I know that doesn’t really matter if the product is no good, but it is so nice to get something fun and pretty in the mail.

picture of brown paper package stamped with my twins are cuter seal
Pretty mail!  Yay!
Toddler boy in yellow shirt trying to open brown paper package
Even Ben wanted to see what we got!
2 white onesies with the My twins are cuter logo on either side of a gray t-shirt that says I (heart made out of 2s) my twins
Love them!!!

The girls got their onesies in the 18 month size, so they are a little big.  (Ali and Sammy are 14 months now.) I prefer to get bigger so they have more time to wear them.  With it already warm around here, so they will get a lot of use out of these.  I love the cute design.  The onesies are 100% cotton, great for baby skin.  The girls looked so cute in them!  Of course getting pictures of my two little busy bees was, well, quite the challenge.  All I can say is that I tried.

twin babies wearing the onesies playing on the floor
Mommy has the camera out, scatter!

I was able to get one at a time pictures.

Baby girl standing up wearing my twins are cuter onesie and smiling
twin baby girl standing up by musical table toy wearing my twins are cuter onesie

This is the best I could do of them together.

twin girls sitting on floor, one holding bunny ears one holding Minnie Mouse toy, both wearing white my twins are cuter onesies
Sammy is less than thrilled, Ali just doesn’t care.

I was a much easier model to work with, if I do say so myself.  I adore my shirt!  I think it is super cute, but not something too over the top I’ll feel silly wearing it.  And I do love my twins!  The fit is great and it is nice and soft.  There are grandparent shirts too!  You know grandparents love to show off their grandbabies and talk about them.  These shirts are a great conversation starter!

Picture of Kim smiling excitedly and pointing to the logo on her shirt
I do love my twins!
mom holding her twin daughters, all wearing my twins are cuter shirts
My twins are so cute!

Check out this site.  It is great for twin moms, twin grandparents, and soon to be twin moms.  I think these clothes are prefect if you know someone pregnant with twins too!  My Twins Are Cuter.  Love these clothes!

My Twins Are Cuter
And for everyone’s amusement- some of the outtakes.
blurry photo of pouting baby girl
Sammy loved the bag the clothes came in.  She would not give it up!  She is tiny but fierce.
picture of twin baby girls sitting against a wall, one leaning away one laughing
I tried sitting them at the wall.  They just tried to get the outlet.
twin baby girls sitting on a couch and rolling away from the camera
We tried the couch.  Nope.
twin baby girls, one sitting on couch with pacifier other standing with back to camera
Someone always tries to escape!
toddler boy laying on blanket while twin sister crawl on him to play
I put a blanket down to lure them.  It caught a big bro too.
twin baby girls, one leaning her head on the other's shoulder and smiling around her pacifier
A sweet moment…
blurry picture of twin baby girls playing and crawling on each other
… and it’s over.
dad laying on floor with baby girl laying over his arm holding duck toy
Modeling is exhausting.  So is trying to wrangle a couple of babies.
picture of mom holding baby twins, one pulling on her shirt the other waving at the camera
Happy Cartwright girls!

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