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Nine month update

Nine months.  I like the nine month milestone.  I think it is interesting to think that, in general, at this point babies have spent as much time out in the world as they did in the womb.  It is amazing how much they have grown and developed in such a short amount of time.  It makes me a little nostalgic for the pregnant time with them, but I like having them here on the outside with me so much more.  These two little girls are such a gift in our lives.  I am so lucky to have them as my daughters.

The girls are still on the go all the time.  No hands and knees crawling yet.  I keep thinking they are on the verge of getting it.  They get up and rock back and forth.  But army crawling is really working for them, so it isn’t like they can’t get anywhere they want.  And they are fast!  Seriously, they can take off after something they want and get to it in no time.  I’ve started gating the play area a bit so they can’t sneak off and get into trouble.  Ben has been helpful in letting me know when they start crawling.  He calls out, “She’s getting away!”  It is so cute.  They are just so curious and interested in everything around them!

Ali and Sammy are doing so well with solids.  They are super messy.  That is to be expected of course, but they have gotten the hang of eating.  They seem to enjoy pretty much anything they get to eat.  I think that is pretty normal at this stage.  I am happy they eat all sorts of vegetables, but I know it time they will start having preferences and it won’t be so easy.  So far banana pancakes, guaca-hummus, bananas, and peas are faves.  Interestingly, neither Ali or Sammy seem very into green beans.  This wouldn’t be a big deal except Ben was the same way.  From the first time he tried them he would not eat green beans.  Funny sibling pattern there.  We started having them use sippy cups this month as well.  They enjoyed playing with the bottles, but weren’t really drinking a ton from them.  I decided that instead of fighting with them to learn to use the bottle properly and then switching to the sippy, we would just go straight to the cup.  It is working!  It took some practice, but they are getting it down now.  Sammy especially likes to try to hold it herself, which is so cute!  Ali is a little more content to let me hold it for her.  I like that they are getting better at drinking water.  It makes me feel better when we go out and about on hot days that I can help keep them hydrated with water.

The girls love to talk to each other.  They are big on taking toys from each other.  Sometimes they don’t seem to care, but other times I already have to referee sister fights.  They are constantly taking pacifiers from each other.  It can be pretty funny to watch actually.  It doesn’t matter if one already has a pacifier, she will try to grab her sister’s if they get too close together.  Sisters, huh?  They are starting to play with Ben, and Ben is liking it!  It is the sweetest thing ever.  He lies down on the floor with them and they crawl around him.  Ben likes when they try to crawl over him, and it is funny to watch.  Sammy and Ali just watch him and giggle and smile when he plays with them.  We are still working on sharing toys, but I think Ben is doing pretty well.  The girls love getting out of the house.  They still spend most of our outings in the stroller, but they enjoy watching what is going on around them.

They both have two teeth!  They look so cute when they smile.  They are both still nursing well, though Sammy had a bit of a bite-y day a week or so ago.  That was not fun for anyone involved.  We worked through it though, and she is doing better.  Sammy was the first of the two to start waving!  Ali waves now too, but Sammy does it a lot.  It is so sweet!  I love that they wave to us.  They both adore their lovies.  What is interesting is that they really tend to ignore each others and focus only on their own.  Ali knows the bunny is hers and Sammy knows the monkey is hers.  They both want their specific lovie and go to it for comfort, even if that means going right past the other one.  I like that they find such comfort in these objects.

Sleep is going pretty well.  They do have some naps that aren’t the best if they get overtired.  I know, that should be something I can control a bit.  But sometimes naps have to be shortened for life to take place.  At least I know this happens and I can plan ahead to really focus on them when they may be overtired.  At least they sleep at night well.  I can handle the occasional bad nap a lot better than an all night awake fest.  Overall I still cannot complain about these two.  They are champs that do their best to sleep well.

Sammy still tends to be a bit quieter than Ali.  That is relative with these two.  She is often happy to play with toys on her own.  She will explore the play area and seek out things to do by herself.  She is a little bit of a neater eater.  Again, that is relative.  She really looks at her tray and seems to focus on the task at hand.  She likes to do things herself.  She tries to hold her sippy herself, and looks very proud of herself when she accomplishes something new.  Ali is my little shadow.  She is most likely to follow me around.  She likes to interact with others.  She is determined.  When she wants something she has a laser focus on it, and can be surprisingly patient in working towards her goals.  She does get a little louder when displeased.  She eats with gusto- meal times and fun and messy.  She doesn’t mind letting me hold her cups for her.  She wants to be where the action is.

Both girls are still little cuddle bunnies.  They are so happy to be held and are often seeking attention.  They love to giggle and smile.  They light up when Pat gets home from work.  They adore their big brother.  They make me laugh with their antics and interactions.  I love watching all three kids play together and enjoy themselves.  I am so lucky to have these great kids.

Ali!  Always such a big smile.
Sammy!  Such a happy girl.
I love watching these three play.
Happy to be on the go!!
Sammy and Ali, my sweet loves.

I can’t get over how amazing it is to watch these two little girls grow and learn, not just on their own but together.  Add to that the joy of watching Ben with them and I am one happy and lucky mother.  I never get tired of saying it- I love Ali and Sammy!


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Nine months!
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