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Pat’s Birthday and Father’s Day Wrap-up

The beginning of June was a very busy time for celebrating Pat, as will be the case for some time now.  His birthday is June 10th, and Father’s Day is right around then as well.  This year we also went to Arkansas, so while we didn’t have a big celebration for Pat, we had a lot of little ones.

In Arkansas we did a cake, singing, and Pat got his cards from his parents.  Nothing major, but just getting to be with his family was a good present.  Back home his birthday was on a Tuesday.  Sadly since we are adults and had just gotten back from vacation, that meant Ben and I still had to go to work.  That night we got Chipotle, as per Pat’s request.  We also sang again, and this time Pat chose to have cheesecake!  Yum!  We also did birthday presents.  Ben and Dagger pooled their limited resources and got some yummy candy for their Daddy.  All things he really enjoys.  I gave him my present and he got to open cards.  It was a quiet time with family, but an enjoyable one.

Father’s Day was at a good time this year, World Cup time!  The plan was for me to get up with Ben, and go get McDonald’s breakfast for Pat.  This is a real treat, especially since I have been cracking down hard on our fast food consumption.  Well, I didn’t set my alarm because Ben always starts making at least some noise by about 6:30am.  Well, not this time!  He slept in until almost 7:30!  That was a treat for me!  But it meant a later start than planned, so Pat ended up coming with us to get his breakfast.  He still enjoyed it though.

We met up with Meo and Omi for lunch after Ben’s nap.  Ben loves eating out.  He got to eat some of my spinach crepes, some peaches, and I think a little hash brown.  It was a quiet Father’s Day, Ben and Pat hung out and watched soccer.  It was great for Pat to just get to relax and play with Ben.  And Pat loves to watch sports, especially when I encourage him to watch as much as he likes.  That was also a treat for him.  Pat then grilled us up some steaks for dinner, and we finished the night me getting us some ice cream.  Quiet, but very nice.

Oh, and Pat and Ben got to wear Pat’s Father’s Day present all afternoon.  Ben, like all babies, is a fan of not wearing pants.  Pat tells me this isn’t just a baby thing; it is a guy thing to enjoy no pants time.  I found a t-shirt online that says “Home is Where the Pants Aren’t.”  Well, I had to order that for Pat.  I was able to get a onesie made with the same Thing for Ben.  Here are my silly boys rocking their shirts.

My boys!
Hey, you’re wearing my shirt!
This is what Dagger thinks of their shenanigans.
Watching some soccer
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!


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