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Ben is growing up way too fast.  I think the kid is ready for college sometimes.

This morning, I prepared a healthy breakfast for Ben.  I made him some scrambled eggs with a touch of cheese.  I also offered him cheerios, and some peaches.  These are all foods he enjoys.  All tasty and good for you.  Ben wasn’t super into it.  He has been a little picky about food lately.  I think his canine teeth are coming in, and I know those are supposed to really hurt.  So it makes sense that he might be picky about what he eats.  Oh, and he is a toddler, so who the heck knows why he does anything these days. 😉  Most of the time, we offer what we are serving for that meal, and Ben can eat it or not.  I still think he is too young to connect not eating with being hungry until the next meal, so I try to always offer something he currently likes.  Often this is fruit or cheerios if we get desperate.  I was a little surprised when the peaches and cheerios weren’t doing anything for him this morning.  But what can you do?  I really do believe as parents all we can do is offer healthy food and let the child decide how much he eats.
Ben was pretty much refusing breakfast, and I was just about ready to call it a meal.  Pat was still asleep, but I was ready for some breakfast myself.  We had leftover pizza from last night so I grabbed a slice and sat down with Ben.  He reached for my pizza.  He often reaches for whatever we are eating.  Usually he examines it, takes a bite or two and then hands it back.  Sometimes he chows down, like when he stole my sandwich.  This was one of those situations.  Ben took down the whole piece of cold pizza.
Going to town on the pizza
I suppose I should be really questioning the parenting decision to let him eat cold pizza for breakfast.  But instead I’m going to use this as a teaching moment about moderation.  I’m also going to choose to be proud of him for how advanced he is.  I swear he is eating breakfast at a college student level. 😉


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