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PJ Party

I love shopping for Ben.  I try not to buy too much for him.  It is so easy to get too much ‘stuff’ when you have a baby.  But when I know I can get a deal on some things I really want for him, I am so there.  Luckily we have a local consignment sale that takes place twice a year where I can get good stuff at a great price!!  We’ve actually been going to it since before Ben was born.  It is held at a local elementary school, so of course Pat heard about it while he was teaching.  We were able to get a great deal on Ben’s travel system back when I was pregnant with him.  We’ve also gotten a ton of cute clothes and some toys.  I love a good deal!

This year I decided we should go early to be sure to get what we wanted.  The only problem with this is that Ben is doing so well with his naps, I didn’t want to mess with them to take him with us.  What does that mean?  Meo to the rescue!!  She volunteered to watch Ben so Pat and I could focus on deal hunting.  I brought Ben over to her house right after he woke up and nursed.  So Ben got to have a pajama party with Meo!

He looks so little in his chair!

He had his breakfast there and got to keep his first nap on schedule.  I am so thankful for Meo for watching him!  Yes, we could have brought him with us or shopped at a different.  Time, but it was so nice to be able to get in and out of the sale quickly.  And Pat and I were pretty quick!  We were happy to find everything we were looking for at a good price.  After the sale, we went back to pick up Ben.  He was still napping, we were that fast!  Pat had to tutor in the morning, but Ben and I got to spend most of the day with Meo.  She had some friends come over to see Ben.  They hadn’t seen him in months.  That is a long time, especially with how quickly babies grow and develop.  It is good for Ben to be exposed to new people.  He is starting to be in that stage where he is aware that he doesn’t know some people, and it makes him a bit hesitant.  I think the best thing to do with that is to keep letting him see new people to see that everything is okay.   Of course he was great.  He took a few minutes to warm up to the new people, but then he was awesome!

Happy we’re back!

After all that excitement we had lunch (I swear all we do is eat all day!;)), then did a little shopping with Meo.  Overall, a nice little Saturday.  A big thank you, again, to Meo.  Pat and I are so blessed that we have family nearby that can watch Ben for us.  It really made getting in and out of the sale so much easier, and it was wonderful that Ben still got to keep his nap time.  And Ben had a lot of fun!

Shopping is fun!


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