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Prairie Fest!

This past weekend we went to Prairie Fest!  We did it a little differently than we have in past years.  This year we went early Friday morning and spend the whole morning there.  It was great!  We used to go on Friday afternoon/evening or on Saturday.  Friday morning is all about the little kids.  We started off at the touch a truck.  We got there really early and it was pretty quiet.  Ben was a bit overwhelmed by seeing all the trucks up close.  He enjoyed himself, we could tell because he didn’t cry or say he was all done or anything.  But he wasn’t comfortable getting on any of the trucks.  That was fine, we knew he would enjoy just seeing them up close.  He did enjoy walking up and down one that had a ramp.  We took a few pictures, but Ben wasn’t really feeling it.  The fire truck was handing out hats.  Ben has been rocking that around the house lately.

After the trucks, we wandered through the rides and games.  They weren’t running yet, and honestly it could have been a bit creepy if it wasn’t a perfect sunny day.  Ben liked walking around and looking at all the bright colors.  We checked out the petting zoo.  Ben did so well!  I was worried he would be scared.  I was a little nervous when I was kneeling down and animals were face high with me.  He seemed to get a real kick out of it.  Ben thought the chickens were a hoot; he liked pointing them out.  There was a little pig who just ran around all over.  Ben liked looking at the animals, but wasn’t super in to touching them.  Luckily most of the goats weren’t too big, and Pat made sure none were looking for food too aggressively.

Overall, Ben loved having a ton of open space to run around.  We checked out the various vendors, then decided to get a snack.  By far the best part of the fest for Ben was the free pizza samples.  They were giving out large samples of pepperoni pizza, and of course Ben ate both the pieces Pat and I got.  We sat and he ate and danced.  Later we watched the rides start to warm up.  The fun house was blasting ABBA, and Ben just got down in front of it.  The kid was dancing so hard, he made everyone smile.  Around midday a kid’s singer performed on the main stage.  Well we had to go and dance some more.  I knew Ben was wiped when he wanted to sit back in his stroller.

It was a very successful outing.  We got lucky with the best weather I’ve seen for a Prairie Fest.  It was warm, but not hot.  There was enough cloud coverage to keep from getting too much sun.  And as I said, almost everything was geared towards kids.  I think we’ll be making this our plan for the next few years.

So many trucks!

They don’t seem as big with Daddy there too.
Climbed in a truck all by himself!
Cheering for the police men
Fire Truck!
Petting a goat
I always have to steal pictures from this busy guy
Doing a little dance
So much dancing!


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