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All Things Early Learning: The Best Subscription Box Deal for Preschool

Review of the All Things Early Learning preschool subscription box from New Generation Kids.

There are a ton of great subscription boxes for kids out there. You can get art projects, STEM experiments, creative play, sensory play, literature ideas, basically any kind of activity delivered to your home for your kids.

While I am big into doing activities and projects with at-home items, I think boxes like these are amazing. You don’t need to find an activity or the components, it is all in the box. That’s a win.

But with all the boxes out there, how do you know which one is right for you? I found a box that I knew I just had to try, and I think preschool moms everywhere will love.

Here is my review of the New Generation Kids All Things Early Learning Box.

Text: All Things Early Learning Preschool Learning Box Review with picture of open box and activities contained within

How I Found New Generation Kids

This review is my honest opinion. Please see my disclosure for more info.

There are so many box options out there. Most people know the big-name ones like Kiwi Crates, but there are a lot of small businesses making quality boxes too.

I found New Generation Kids on Instagram. Seriously, I was just looking at pictures of preschool activities and liked one of their projects. I clicked over to see the profile and saw they have learning boxes. Yes, I had to see more. And I am super happy I did.

These boxes are great! I decided to get one and here is what I thought about it.

The Pros of The All Things Early Learning Box

Personalized Activities

When I signed up for my box there was a spot to put your child or children’s names. I filled that out but didn’t think much of it. I am happy to say that there was a good reason for this info!

The box was personalized! As soon as we opened it there was a note on the lid to Ali and Sammy. Not to sound lame, but that little detail warmed my heart. It felt like the creators of this box were really thinking about each kid as they put it together.

There were a couple of other personalized activities in the box. This got Ali and Sammy super pumped. Kids love their names, and getting to see them on the activities made them even more excited to try them.

One of the personalized activities was a laminated activity mat. I love this because it can be used for so many things! We, of course, used it for the tracing activities listed in the box. But I can already think of fun ways to reuse this particular item. (Everyone knows when you are on a budget being able to get multiple uses out of an item is amazing!)

Overall, I was just pleased with the obvious extra effort that went into these boxes, and Sammy and Ali felt special too.

(Special Note: I put the girls’ full names on the order form where it asked for names. Sammy was a little put out that I used Samantha instead of Sammy, so use the name your child will want to practice most.)

There are Lots of Activities

This box is full of activities. They also give you a calendar with suggestions of when to do the activities and how to rotate them. This is so helpful because it helped me easily plan out how to fit these into our schedule.

The preprinted schedule makes these activities super simple to add to a home preschool schedule, or just supplement preschool when you are at home. It can really help alleviate some of the overwhelm of figuring out what to do with your kids all day.

This schedule also shows you 4 weeks’ worth of ideas for using this box in learning activities. A whole month of planning you don’t have to do. That is huge for busy moms. And you don’t usually see that many ideas in one box.

I feel that a big purpose in buying boxes like these is to help take some of that mental load off when it comes to what activities to do with your kids every day. This box helps with that more than most I’ve seen.

(And you don’t have to follow the schedule exactly, or at all. So don’t feel pressured to do exactly what it says. 😉 )

Get the best activities preschoolers love!

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You Know Why the Activities are Educational

The activity explanation sheets have more than just instructions, they have the state standards that these activities are working on. The activities sheets reference the Ohio state standards that are met with each activity, and that information can be applied to whatever state you live in.

Honestly? I know that state standards matter but I am not necessarily looking to follow them exactly in my daily activities with my preschoolers. What I like about this is it lists the main ideas being taught. Things like number sense, literacy, and motor skills.

These things show me why activities matter, and that makes me more excited to share them with my kids. I love knowing the why behind the what, and this box does exactly that.

The Activities Are Reproducible

There are art and craft projects included in this box. I love that everything we need to do those crafts is included. If I am buying a box I don’t want to have to go out and buy more materials. (Even scissors and glue were in the box!) But the crafts are things we could do again because they use materials that are not hard to access.

For example, one of the crafts we had in our box used paper plates. Fortunately, the box contained those plates because we actually didn’t have any at home at the time. So I was very happy they thought to put everything we need into the box. But paper plates aren’t a crazy supply. We can do this craft again, which Sammy and Ali love.

This box is accessible and it is easy to do these activities more than once.

This Box Is a Deal for More Than One Kid

I am not going to lie, the cost of this box really brought me in. It is $30 for a box for one child. This is pretty much in the average for subscription boxes, a bit on the less expensive end. But when I saw that adding a child was just $3 more? I was sold.

We have gotten boxes from other companies before and made one box work for 3 kids. It isn’t easy, but we can usually figure something out. Sometimes this is frustrating because the materials in the box are hard to find or just not common objects. But the price for getting enough supplies for two kids is to pay for two boxes, so we make do.

Now, I am not trying to be rude or knock this. It makes sense. Two kids means two boxes, I get it. But as a mom on a budget? No, I don’t want to pay double when all I need is one more plate or an extra sheet of stickers.

This box made sense financially. I don’t need double the explanations or double the pretty packaging to do these activities with my two girls. I need an extra of a few items. New Generation Kids gets that and provides it.

They also let you sign up to get just a single month without having to get a subscription. I really like that I could easily try these boxes out without having to sign up for more than I could handle budget-wise or without having to worry about canceling anything.

All of these things show me that New Generation Kids cares about their customers and wants to make these learning activities accessible. I appreciate that.

Text: New Generation Kids All Things Early Learning Box Preschool Subscription Box Review with picture of open box full of learning games for preschool

The Activities Themselves

I can’t forget to mention the activities themselves! Sammy and Ali were super excited to dive in and try everything. Here are the topics covered by the activities in this early earning box:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Word Recognition
  • Number Sense
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Counting Skills
  • Prewriting Skills

These are the main topics that preschoolers work on. Just listing the topics can sound a little boring, so here are the types of activities found in these boxes:

  • Shape Games
  • Line Tracing
  • Sensory Number Games
  • Color Sorts
  • Color and Cut Crafts
  • Art Projects
  • Sight Word Games

You can see there is a lot to do in one box. The activities are easy to do with your kids and fun. The explanations are easy to understand. And I felt good doing these games with my girls. They were into it and asking to do more.

Each month has a theme too. The box we got is Circus themed, so we have clowns, juggling, and animals to play with.

Top picture of a close up of the supplies in the preschool learning box, Bottom: Close up of a preschooler using a dry erase marker to trace a dotted line

The Cons of the All Things Early Learning Pack

My goal with this review is to be totally honest so you know if this box is right for you and your family. There wasn’t much I had to say that was negative about it.

The one thing I would like to see different is the number cards that were part of the pack. These were themed laminated cards to use with play-doh for a sensory number sense game.

The cards were cute and fun, but they are double-sided. I know that makes sense in terms of not wasting more paper and lamination, but it would be nice to have them available as single-sided. This would make it easier to use in future activities.

Fortunately, since we got a box for two kids we can put both sets of the cards together to play with. And really, this is such a little thing. I would not use it as a reason to not purchase the box.

Overall Impressions

This is a good box. It has a lot of activities that are fun and easy to do with your kids. They take some of the pressure of planning your days with your preschooler away by giving an easy to follow schedule of activities. (And no, you don’t have to follow it. But I liked seeing it.)

These learning activities kept my girls engaged and wanting to do more. And the cost for more than one child can’t be beaten.

I recommend trying this one out if you are looking for a learning box for your preschoolers.

You can get your box here: New Generation Kids All Things Early Learning Box


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