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Quiet weekend

This weekend we got to spend some wonderful time at home.  We had to venture out twice, but overall we got to stay happily, peacefully at home.  We haven’t done that in a long time.  Neither Pat nor I had to tutor, and we didn’t have any outings to attend.  Not only that, but I didn’t have any major projects I wanted to accomplish.  A few minor things, sure.  But nothing huge.  We got to just hang out, and it was glorious.

We did have two brief activities.  Friday night I went to my mother’s group resale.  That was fun because I was shopping, and because it was with a bunch of other moms who I enjoy talking to.  I was able to get pretty much Ben’s winter wardrobe, plus a couple of toys.  Sunday we had church.  We sadly don’t go to church nearly often enough.  I am in the bell choir though, so we make it on those once a month occasions the bells play.  This was the first time we put Ben in the nursery for the service.  He did so well!  I checked on him midway through and he didn’t even look up, he was playing so hard.  He was a little fussy when we picked him up, but it was very close to nap time.  And this was the first time he had been with non-family.  I think an hour was long enough for him.  I missed him during the service, but I am also so proud of how well he did!  I know as he gets older it is more and more important for him to experience things without me or Pat around.  He has to learn to navigate his life on his own.  Don’t worry, we aren’t going to start leaving him places any time soon.  This will be a long, 18+ year process.  The church nursery for an hour every so often is a great starting point.

As I said the rest of the weekend we just played.  We had gotten the cleaning done earlier in the week.  I did the laundry and cooking pretty quickly on Saturday.  So the rest of the time it was just the three of us, down on the floor playing.  It was a good weekend.

Sadly this is a normal destruction level when playing with Ben.
So happy to be standing!
Peeking around the chair.
Letter and numbers are fun and comfy. 🙂
My sweet boy!


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