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River picnic

I have a new favorite activity to add to our repertoire.  Pack a picnic dinner, and head to the river!  Yes, this is basically like when we go to the state parks.  But this one we do on a week night.  We enjoyed it so much it might become a habit.  I love that I don’t have to worry about dinner.  I love to cook, but even I enjoy a no-brainer, easy to do, fun dinner on a regular basis.  Ben always loves getting out, and I enjoy that we are not messing up the house!  
Ben wasn’t super in to the eating part of the activity, but I’m not surprised.  I mean, he’s two.  What is better, sitting with your parents and eating, or playing?  Playing!  We ate pretty quickly and then Pat and Ben headed to the water.  They did their boy thing of throwing rocks and sticks.  I know we are a broken record on this type of outing.  Every time we are by water the boys throw rocks and sticks into it.  It never seems to get old to them though.  I guess it is just a boy thing.  We’ll see what the girls think of it, but right now I am enjoying walking around with them in the stroller.  I love girl time!
We are so lucky to have this great area literally 3 minutes from our house.  It makes for a perfect week night outing.  We can enjoy some fun for an hour or two, and still get home in time to feed the girls and get everyone in to bed on time.  Wins all around.

Father and son.  I love that they share such a great bond!
I get in there and throw a few rocks too.  It is pretty fun. 🙂
Ali blowing some bubbles.
Sammy found it all to be quite funny.
We decided to really live it up this particular day, and we actually said yes when Ben asked for an ice cream cone!  We just got one, because in the past Ben hasn’t really liked ice cream.  This time he enjoyed it!  We were super lucky it was only about 65 degrees outside though, because Ben was soooo slow eating it.  Somehow we have to get him to speed it up before summer when it will melt much faster!  He loved sitting at the kid picnic table at the ice cream shop and enjoying his cone.  He needs a little work on actually eating the ice cream; he mainly just touched his tongue to it.  It was pretty funny to watch.  Pat and I ‘helped’ him eat it to speed things along.  Just doing our parently duty, right? 😉  

I love this little guy.  And I am loving that the girls are starting to be awake on some of our outings!  I know the stroller and fresh air make them sleepy, but it is giving me a fabulous peek at times to come, running around with my three sweet blessings!

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