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Saturday Adventures

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Ours was lovely, albeit typical weekend for this time of year.  It is tax season.  (Do your taxes, people.  They aren’t optional!)  This means that Ben and I are very busy at work.  Sadly for Omi, we cannot stay at the office as late as I used to be able to in past tax seasons.  Luckily for us, Omi is very understanding.  In case you haven’t noticed, we just started Ben on solids, so dinner time is important. 😉 While we can’t work too late into the evenings, we can work on Saturday!  Pat had to tutor as well, so Saturday started off as just a normal day.

Ben and I did call it a day a bit early in order to go on a Top Secret Mission.  Pat and I will have been married for five years on Friday, and I had to pick up his gift.  I can’t disclose where we went on this Top Secret Mission, but Ben was an excellent companion and helper.  He was super pumped about the adventure too.

Can’t you tell?  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the most exciting of times, but he did get to get out of the office and look around some fun stores.  He was very well behaved.  I am a lucky mom because Ben is pretty much always good in these situations.  (Although I am sure I just ruined it by saying that.)  Really, he likes to look around and see everything.  He is pretty happy as long as he is moving.

But I digress.  After work and our Top Secret Mission we headed home to see Pat and Dagger.  While Pat sadly misses out on some things because he doesn’t see Ben all the time, he does get the big smiles when Ben finally gets to see him at the end of the day!

Yeah, Ben isn’t exactly smiling here.  He was too busy watching Dagger.  She is fascinating to him right now.  I think she enjoys it.  And I think she’ll feel differently when Ben is mobile and starts to chase her down.  For now she enjoys being admired.

I can’t resist a good cuddle with my boys.  So while they were playing on the couch I had to get in on the deal.

Mommy photobomb

After hanging out on the couch, the evening was just our usual routine.  Dinner, play time, bed time. Nothing too exciting.  It may make me sound like an old lady, but I still love our weekends.  The work week is super busy, so being able to get home a little earlier on Saturday and just spend the next day as a family is wonderful.  I am looking forward to being able to get back out of the house and visit with friends when it is warmer and work slows down.  But for now, this really is the life.

I had to add some eating shots.

Such focus!

Lounging with Dagger
Daddy fell asleep! Time to party!

As you can see, Ben had a fun and busy day!


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