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Smart Kid

I was hesitant to post about this, as it is something that might probably embarrass Ben when he is older.  But not in a bad way, if that is possible.  Sure, it will be a little embarrassing, but I think the cuteness level and the fact that he is so young will make it okay.  I hope so at least. (My apologies, Future Ben!)

Without boring people with too much detail, Ben has begun to express some interest in the potty.  Now we don’t have any big goals to have him potty trained by a certain age, nor do we think when we do potty train we will knock it out in a couple of days or anything.  My plan is to go completely off of Ben’s readiness.  However I am a person who likes to prepare, so we already have a potty book we read with Ben.  We also already have a couple of little potties for him to use when he is ready.  As I said, Ben has started to become more aware and interested in all this.  I decided to pull out one of the potties so he could get used to it and to gauge how interested he really was.

As I said, he isn’t ready to actually use it yet, but he got a few things down right away.

He grabbed his book first thing.
Later it was the remote, which looks a lot like a phone…
Smart kid!

So… yeah.  He might not have the mechanics of it all down, but apparently some things don’t need to be taught.  It is a good reading chair.  🙂


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