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Story time and a cow!

Like a lot of Chick-Fil-As, the one by us has events for kids during the week.  This past week Ben and I decided to check out a story time they were having.  I wasn’t sure how great it would be, but hey, we could always get some chicken.  We were near Meo, so she was able to meet up with us too!  Bonus for me as she could sit with the girls while I focused on Ben a bit.  It turns out the event was great!  It wasn’t anything huge, but it was perfect for someone Ben’s age.  Plus, one of our new playgroup friends was there as well!  It was great to get to see them. 
This weeks story was about planting a garden.  After the story the kids got to plant some seeds of there own and color pictures of flowers and vegetables.  Ben jumped right in to participate, which I loved.  Sometimes he hangs back a bit, so I love seeing him be bold and really enjoy himself!  Sadly when we left the restaurant the winds were super high, so our plant cups blew over.  We were not able to salvage them.  Ben didn’t seem to mind though, he had fun.  
It was a great visit for two other reasons than just story time.  One, it was the first time Ben climbed to the top of the play place.  He can be a cautious kid, so he hadn’t yet climbed up past the second step.  He didn’t go into any of the tubes yet, but I am happy he challenged himself to go to the top of the big steps!  The second big excitement was that the cow came out to visit.  I wasn’t sure what Ben would think of that.  It is so hard to tell if giant characters will excite or freak out kids at this age.  And it changes from encounter to encounter.  Well this time Ben was so excited!!  Seriously, he was the most excited kid there, which was so cute.  He jumped up and down and cheered.  He gave the cow hugs and fist bumps.  He was just so happy to see this cow there.  I was so happy to see just how thrilled he was!  And even better, when the cow had to leave Ben didn’t mind.  He just waved and said, “Bye bye, Cow!”  I wish I had gotten a video of him jumping up and down.  It made his day to see the cow, and it made mine and Meo’s to see him so happy.  I know it is a little thing, but I love that he got such a moment of joy.
He looks like such a big kid!
Jumping for joy to see the cow.
Big hugs!
Waving bye

Ben was sweet, he pointed out the cow to his sisters. Of course they were sleeping and oblivious to the amazing event that had taken place.  In a couple weeks story time is back.  The theme this time is supposed to be dinosaurs, so you can bet we will be there!  I love that Ben is enjoying this sort of activity.  He is at such a fun age!!


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