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Swim lessons!

Ben started swim lessons a couple of weeks ago!  He loves the pool and we love taking these lessons with him.  We moved up a group this year, into the preschool and parent class.  We are still doing the lessons that are really just organized play time.  It helps him be comfortable in the water, and teaches Pat and me some fun ways to play with him.  Pat and I both strongly want him to take lessons where he actually learns the strokes and how to really swim.  I don’t care if he is ever good at it, but I want him to feel comfortable in the water and be able to be safe while swimming.  For the time being though, these lessons are perfect.  He gets some water safety, is learning to put his face in the water, and really just learning to enjoy the pool!
This year the lessons are at a different park district pool from past years, and it has a playground right by it!  Ben has loved that we have gotten to sandwich lessons between play times.  We run around a bit, swim, then run around some more.  Both Pat and I enjoy doing these lessons with Ben, so we take turns being the one to get in the water with him.  Of course we have a hard time resisting the fun, so the whole family goes with to them.  It’s just great to see how happy Ben is!  The girls are still too young for the park district lessons.  (They have to be six months old, and there are no water babies scheduled for the second half of summer!  I was so sad.)  They will get a chance next year though!
Running around before lessons
Off to swim with Daddy.  Aren’t they so cute?
I was trying to wave and take the picture at the same time, so I didn’t exactly get it centered.  Oops.
It was chilly when they got out!!
My turn to swim with Ben!!
Ben loves when they bring out the toys.
I just love swimming with this kid.
Me and my boys!

Ben just gets more and more fun to do things with as he gets older!  This year he likes to wave at whoever isn’t in the water with him.  Nothing is sweeter than hearing his little voice call out, “Hi, Mommy!”  He is so proud of himself for swimming.  He loves that I am there to watch him and doesn’t care who knows it!  Then when he gets out he comes running over to make sure I saw him.  It melts my heart.

Ali and Sammy have been great about going to the lessons too!  I know it isn’t the most exciting thing for them, they just hang out in the stroller.  But that’s what life with siblings is like, right?  Sometimes you have to just wait while your brother does something.  They do enjoy everyone cooing over them at the lessons, and walking around the playground.

One of the best part of these lessons?  Everyone is nice and tuckered out after.  Yay for good naps on swim days! 😉


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