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Swimming and Sharks

Another week, another swim lesson!!  Ben is doing really well with his swim lessons.  No, he isn’t really learning any strokes or anything.  He is getting really comfortable in the water though!  He has even gone under the water a few times!  He doesn’t quite know what to make of that, but he isn’t upset by it or anything.  Go Ben!  This week sadly Pat had to work, but Meo and Omi were able to come along and cheer Ben on.

For August, the weather has been a little chilly.  Chilly might be too strong of a word.  Not ridiculously hot might be a better choice.  I for one love that, but for swimming with a baby it is a little cooler out.  The water was a bit cold when we first got in, and Ben was a little unsure about that.  Well, he quickly stopped fussing when the teachers came over to see him.  Oh yes, my little almost one year old already knows how to turn on the charm for the ladies.  Silly guy.  🙂  It really cheered him up and he sailed through the rest of the lesson.

Ready to swim!
Showing off for the teacher
Your turn for a hug, Meo!

This week is another big milestone in Ben’s life.  Baby’s First Shark Week!  We think Ben is a little too young for Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One.  Pat and I really enjoyed them, and we plan to show Ben when he is old enough to appreciate them.  We plan to discuss sharks at length to teach Ben all about them.  Well, we’ll talk about sharks a little.  Either way, Ben is pretty pumped for Shark Week!

Duuuuun, dun… Duuuun, dun…
Duuun, Dun… Duun, Dun…
Shark Week!!!

The end of August is going to bring a lot of busy times.  Last swim lesson, visitors, birthday party, more visitors…  We’re going to enjoy shark week before things get too crazy!


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