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Thankful Thursday: Mornings

I know it isn’t a popular opinion.  And it is something that I admit I am not always thankful for.  But most of the time I love mornings.  I was not always a morning person.  I was forced to become one when I had a job which required me to get up early for a long commute.  Once you get up early enough often enough, it just becomes a habit.  
I love mornings because it is a fresh start we get every day.  I know that is totally cheesy to say, but it is so true.  A whole new day stretches out before me, ready to be filled.  Even when Ben was super tiny at least the morning meant a shift from trying to get some sleep.  During the day I was supposed to be awake.  That isn’t the case for everyone, but it made me feel better.
Now I love mornings even more because I know we get to go through our little family routines.  Things get busy trying to get three people out the door to work, but those first few minutes when Ben gets up are the best.  He is so happy to see Pat and I.  We sing our morning song as a family, and yes even Pat participates!  It is a great way to start the day off on the right foot.
This week I am thankful for mornings.  I am thankful that I get to start every day with my precious little man.  Who wouldn’t love mornings if they got to share it with this cutie?
Morning stretch
Reach for those toes!
I’m ready to be hugged now.
Mornings also mean coffee.  I love coffee.

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