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Thanksgiving Fun

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We had a really nice one.  We spent this Thanksgiving here in town, with my side of the family.  Happily for us, several family members were able to come into town to spend the holiday with us!  Uncle Jared came with his girlfriend Peng.  That was wonderful, because it was the first time Pat and I got to meet her!  She was really nice and a lot of fun to spend time with.  Uncle Wayne and Aunt Chris came into town, and Cousin Kyle made it too!!  He had the longest drive, so it was extra special that me made the trip.  It was Ben’s first time meeting him in person, and Ben really enjoyed spending some time with his cousin.

The actual day of Thanksgiving was a fun day of cooking and of course, eating.  Well, the adults ate a lot.  Being a toddler Ben decided he didn’t really like any of the foods we were having, despite eating several of them on a regular basis.  His Thanksgiving dinner consisted mainly of fruit and some cheerios I gave to him after giving up on the rest of dinner.  He has been enjoying the leftovers the past few days though.  I think having a big meal at what is normally snack time threw him off a little.  He was happy to be with the group, just not that into eating.  He was also having too much fun to sit still at the table!  Ben loves crawling around Meo and Omi’s house, so he had a blast.  This year he got his first chocolate advent calendar from Meo.  He got one last year, but obviously couldn’t eat the chocolate.  Oh let’s be real, this year it is Mommy’s chocolate advent again.  He won’t notice.  😉  He also got his first Nativity Scene!  We found a great toy one so he can play with it and start to learn the reason for the season.  It’s an early Christmas present as we wanted to maximize the time he could play with it.  Aunt Chris and Uncle Wayne also got Ben a little gift, a great book of Bible stories for boys!  I am super happy to be teaching Ben about the meaning of Christmas.

As I said, most of the day was spent cooking and eating and just enjoying each other’s company.  Uncle Wayne, Aunt Chris, and Kyle had to head back home, but we got Jared and Peng for the next couple of days!  Friday Meo, Peng, and I did a little Black Friday shopping.  Peng hasn’t gotten a chance to do that before, so it was fun to show her the craziness.  We didn’t go out super early or anything, but we were still able to score a few deals.

Saturday I ended up having to run into work, and we had to get a few things done around the house.  (Why can’t laundry stop over holidays?)  But Sunday morning we got to do one last breakfast with Peng and Jared before they headed home.  That is where the lemon tasting took place.

I kind of slacked off on getting good pictures, so I don’t have a ton to post.  I was more focused on cooking, eating, and hanging with family.  And watching Ben be cute, which he always is.  Overall, though, it was a great holiday.  We are so thankful for all the blessings in our lives, especially over the past year.  We are fortunate to have a roof over our heads and plenty of food to eat.  We are fortunate to have wonderful friends and family to love.  And Pat and I are specially blessed to have Benjamin in our lives.

Ben’s second Thanksgiving was wonderful, and we are looking forward to all the Thanksgivings to come.

Opening the Advent Calendar
Why is Mommy saying ‘dibs?’
Getting into mischief
Almost time to eat!!
Relaxing after the meal
Hanging out with Mommy
Horsing around with Daddy
Uncle Jared and Peng!
Ben loves his Uncle Jared!


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