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Twelve month update

Well we survived our first year with twins!  Go us!  I can honestly say it was not as terrible as I though it could be.  I suppose it helps to think of the expression ‘Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.’  I was prepared for life to be chaos, and fortunately it wasn’t!  Oh, there were moments of it for sure.  But overall it really wasn’t too bad.

The girls are still doing their army crawl to get around.  I rarely see them even try to do a traditional crawl anymore.  I think even they don’t see the point.  They are super fast when they want to be.  They are sitting amazingly well!  It feels like they couldn’t be bothered to try to sit, they wanted to be on the go.  Then all of a sudden they realized it left their hands free to grab more stuff, and they were all about sitting!  We have a fun new development now- they are pulling up on everything.  Half of me is super excited for them and the fact that they are hitting milestones.  The other half is thinking, Oh shoot.  They can get into more stuff now.  😉  Ali is really into pulling up and standing.  She does it as much as possible.  As per usual, Sammy can do it as well, but isn’t as into it.  Ali is trying really hard to figure out how to cruise around holding on to furniture.  She isn’t quite there yet.  But I know she will get it soon, and then Sammy will realize she can do it too.  Seriously, nothing is safe in our house any more.

Eating is going well overall.  When they like the food they are champion eaters. Table manners are a different story though.  They are like tiny vikings!  When Sammy doesn’t like something she just throws it down on the floor.  Both of them like to slam their cups down to indicate they want more to drink.  Sigh, we are working on it of course, but it is slow going.  They are very aware of what everyone else is eating.  This means they want whatever Ben has, and that somehow the food on my plate is way better then what they have.  This is despite the fact that they eat the same things we do most of the time, the only difference being I let theirs get a little cooler.  This is the opposite of Ben, who thought anything I had was terrible.  I am trying to mix foods that are new and healthy with those I know they will eat to be sure they get enough to be full.  I have to hide the ‘good stuff’ at the beginning of the meal sometimes.  But I am trying to trust their little bodies know what they need.  If I only serve the healthy stuff they will be fine.  Oh, and smoothies.  Thank goodness for smoothies. 🙂

Nursing is going pretty well.  I am thinking the girls are losing interest.  They like the first eating of the day, and usually the one right before bed.  The rest of the day they can be pretty disinterested.  They eat a small amount or sometimes none at all.  I follow their lead on this.  I think soon enough we will wean.  I’m not in a big rush to do so, but I’m not stopping it either.  I plan to go slow of course.  and let the girls dictate the pace.  I am beyond thrilled we made it to a whole year of nursing.  It is truly a blessing.

Sleep is going pretty well too.  Overall I still can’t complain.  They do well at night.  A few wake ups, but really just giving them their pacifiers solves the problem.  They know what is expected of them at sleep time, and don’t fuss about going to their cribs.  They are starting to play a bit at the beginning of naps.  These girls, they think they are just the funniest two people in the world.  I don’t always know what they are laughing at, but they are just giggling away at each other!  If that happens I just let it go.  I know when they get older they may take longer to move bedtime later if they talk and laugh after lights out.  We are just fine with that.  It is really sweet and I love peeking in at them.  They do love their beds though and I am very happy they don’t fuss when it is time to go to sleep.

This was of course a big month with all the holidays!  Ali and Sammy did really well with all the excitement, visitors, and schedule adjustments.  They loved having Omi, Meo, and Uncle Jared staying with us.  They ate up all the attention when we were with the whole family too.  They are little snuggle bunnies and just wanted to be held and loved on, which everyone was happy to do!  Their first new years eve wasn’t very exciting.  Honestly they were coming down from the Christmas fun and were a little out of sorts.  We did a netflix count down and all the kids went to bed on time.  They loved having Daddy home for winter break.  We sure kept busy this past month!

Sammy and Ali are just little balls of personality.  They are so funny!  They love to giggle and play and snuggle.  They adore meal times, they are always hungry.  They come charging into the kitchen when I move the gate for meals.  They are pulling up to stand and finding they can reach new levels of mischief.  The kids got a ton of Little People toys for Christmas and the girls love to play with them.  They still love the toy kitchen.  Any time Ben isn’t looking they start digging through his trains.  (Only a year old and they already know how to pester their brother.)  Ali still loves pulling things off shelves.  Sammy is still in love with socks.  Ali has started pulling hers off more and Sammy will go right for them.  They have started to chase each other around a bit, which is just a hoot to watch.  They are dancing now!!!  I love little baby dances!  They hear music and they just start wiggling back and forth.  It is the sweetest thing ever.  We have a lot more dance parties now, and the girls are so into it.  They adore watching Ben run around and dance.

Both girls are little loves.  They are still the loudest babies ever, but it is ever so slowly going down.  Ali is still more open with her feelings.  She is quick to yell but even quicker to smile.  She is my little buddy, following me around and crawling to be in my lap.  She works hard for her goals.  She is funny and likes to be part of the action.  Sammy is still a little more reserved.  But she has a sly smile that just gets you.  She is determined, but it is a quieter determination.  She is more content to play on her own, but she still loves a good cuddle.  She is funny and loves to play.  Both girls are just a hoot.  They  love to smile, play, laugh, get into mischief, and dance.  They want to be with the group and play with their brother.  They play with each other too!  They love to giggle at each other in nap time.  They are always so excited when Pat gets home.  It is so sweet to watch them love their family!

Double trouble, always finding things they shouldn’t get into.  Ali (L) Sam (R)
OSU lost, but these fans were still looking cute! (Sam (L) Ali (R)
Playtime with Daddy is the best!  (Sam (L) Ali (R))
These girls love to be out and about!  Ali (L) and Sam (R)
They adore their big bro. Sam (L) Ali (R)
I love how they end up almost on top of each other sometimes.  Sisters! (Sam L, Ali R)
These two think they are so funny. 🙂  Sam (L) Ali (R)
My one year olds!!

Ali and Sammy are amazing girls.  This has been an incredible year.  I love the baby days and will miss them so much, but I am so excited to get to see these two grow.  They are delights and bring joy to our lives every day.  Thank you for being such sweet girls, Ali and Sammy.  We love you so very much.


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