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Twin Update: 35 Weeks

Well, it is getting closer to twin time!  I am 35 weeks along, which is awesome.  At this point the girls are spending their time just trying to grow and gain weight!  I am all for that.  I want them to be as big and healthy as possible when they are born.

We are hoping the girls will stay put about another two weeks.  That should bring us to 37 weeks, which for twins is considered full term.  I am pretty happy that they have stayed in for as long as they have though.  While it would be considered preterm, they could arrive at any time.  (No, this is not permission to constantly ask us if the babies are here yet.)

I am currently at the stage where I go to the doctor every week to check on the girls.  I know, with all the other appointments this really isn’t that different.  At the last growth check Baby A was 4 lbs 5 oz, and Baby B was 4 lbs 11 oz.  I know that these scans can be off, but according to that those sizes the girls are both at about the 50th percentile for single babies.  No wonder I’ve been feeling so huge!  That was about 2 weeks ago, so I am hoping they are even bigger now.  (And it sure feels like they are.  Although that could have something to do with my moving to the Ben and Jerrys portion of the pregnancy.)  Every week I meet with my doctor and have a non stress test (NST).  So far the girls have been nailing the NST.  No problems there at all.  I am very happy about that, and I am very happy that my biggest complaint is that those tests are boring.  You just kind of lay there and push a button when the babies move while they monitor the heart rates.  One thing is that I can’t bring Ben with me.  I do have to hold still and the room the test is in is full of buttons.  Important buttons that two year olds should not be touching, but would want to touch.  Fortunately Meo and Omi have been awesome about watching Ben while I got get these done.  I am trying to enjoy the quiet time and think of it as something relaxing to do.  But really, it’s just boring.  Oh well, it’s still an easy thing to do to make sure the girls are healthy.  We have one more ultrasound scheduled, but just a fluid check to make sure they are doing okay.  The next time we get a size on them should be when they are actually here!

I think I am just about ready for the girls to arrive.  The kids’ room is basically ready to go.  We have a couple more pictures to hang up, but really that is more for me.  I really don’t think the girls will care what order the pictures are in.  But for some reason wondering if Winnie the Pooh should be in the middle, or perhaps Tigger because he is so fun, is a thought provoking question.  The pack and play is up in our room.  Our room has like no space to move around in, and Dagger thinks we put the pack and play in as a new bed for her.  But that’s okay.  With Ben she never tried to jump in while he was in there, so I imagine it will be the same with the girls.  Of course once they are mobile we may have to give it to Dagger so she can have an escape. 😉  The rest of the house needs some picking up, that is for sure.  It is still toy city.  Honestly it will be for the foreseeable future, so no need to change that.  The basement is a huge staging area right now, with bouncers and boxes of diapers in the ready.  Oh, and more toys, because of course we need more of those. 😉  We’ve done a big Sams Club run, hit up Target for last minute items, and worked on the hand off plan to get Ben to Meo and Omi.  The girls’ bag is packed, Ben’s clothes and diapers are with Meo and Omi, and my bag is mainly packed.  (Only one bag left, cough cough… Pat, pack your bag… cough cough)

We are basically in the wait around period.  To me this is one of the more annoying stages of pregnancy.  On the one hand I am mentally ready to get this show on the road.  But on the other I want the girls to have their maximum time developing.  So wait it is.  Fortunately I do have things to keep myself occupied.  There is always cleaning and organizing to do.  I mean, we already have a toddler, there is always a mess somewhere that needs cleaning up.  I am also trying to spend as much time as possible just hanging out with Ben.  We play, watch the shows he likes, and just enjoy each other.  I fully plan to spend as much one on one time with him as possible even with the girls, but I know I will be super busy with just the basics of taking care of his sisters for a time.  I am going to miss this time in our lives when Ben is our only child.  I know every second time mom goes through this, and I know Ben won’t even remember a time when he didn’t have his sisters.  But I will, and I will always treasure these special times with my sweet boy.

I think that pretty much sums up where we are with the girls.  They are doing great.  I feel so blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy, especially with twins.  I am very fortunate that I still feel pretty good.  Oh yes, I am quite big and frankly very slow at everything.  I get tired easily, but nothing that isn’t normal for this stage of pregnancy.  A few things are different compared to this point with Ben.  Mainly though it is that I am so much bigger and more full of baby.  With just one baby in there, I could kind of coax Ben to one side.  There was some give to balance things against myself (like a laundry basket), and I could kind of bend a bit.  Now?  No way.  This belly is solid and those girls are not going anywhere.  Having a toddler and being this pregnant has its challenges.  I feel bad I can’t jump up and down off the floor to play with him.  Ben doesn’t seem to mind it takes Mommy a moment to get herself down with him, and it takes a moment or two to get back up again.  (Pat of course has found this part of the pregnancy to be quite humorous.)  While I know I will miss feeling the girls move around inside me, I am very much looking forward to being able to move more freely again.  Poor Ben can’t sit on my lap very much anymore.  If I move at all my belly pushes him off!  I do enjoy being pregnant, and I am a little sad as this is the last time we plan to do this.  But I am ready to be back to myself a bit more.

We are still hoping for a few more weeks before the girls are born.  Blogging will slow down a bit when they first get here, but I will try to put up pictures of our sweet girls and fabulous boy.  I can’t wait to have them meet each other.  By the end of January I think we will be a family of five.  I am so excited!


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