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Two months old!

Ali and Sam are two months old!!  This has been a great month with them.  Like the one before, and I’m sure all to follow, it has flown by.

This month Ali and Sam are even more fun than they have been.  They have more times in which they are awake and alert.  They love to look at us and are smiling.  They also love to watch their big brother run around.  He isn’t yet aware of how much they love to watch him.  I know when he realizes he has a captive audience he will be thrilled.  The girls are still eating well, which I love.  I am able to nurse them at the same time for all their day time feedings, which is awesome.  It saves so much time to be able to nurse them at the same time.  Their sleep is improving.  Sure, some nights are still more challenging than others.  But they are improving.  The major challenge is usually getting Ali asleep initially.  After that things aren’t too bad.  Sammy needs a little more help at nap times, so they each have their strengths.  I really can’t complain though.  Sure, we are tired some days.  But for twins I think we are doing very well in the sleep department.

This month we really settled into our main daytime routine.  We get out of the house a couple of days a week, which Ben and I both need.  The girls are very good on the go.  We took them to the Bunny Hop downtown, and to an Easter Egg hunt with Ben!  They of course don’t participate yet, but they are still getting some firsts in!

They are both holding their heads up well and as I said smiling.  They are starting to coo a bit.  Ali managed to roll over from her belly to her back!  Sammy tried so hard but hasn’t quite made it over yet.  I’m not too worried about that.  Ben rolled over at 12 days (yes, 12.  Gramma was here and can vouch for it.)  He did it a bit then kind of ‘forgot’ how to do it for several months.  So cool they are trying and in Ali’s case succeeding, but nothing I’m over thinking.  Both of the girls are reaching for items and sometimes managing to grab them, which is great and right on track for normal development.  Yay for normal! 😉

Ben is still doing well with the girls.  He likes to give them hugs and kisses.  He brings them their burp cloths and blankets.  He almost always throws their diapers away for me.  (I love that.)  Overall he is just being a great brother.  He calls them ‘girls’ and ‘ladies.’  It is so cute to hear.  Pat and I are so proud of how he is doing.

The girls had their two month appointment and both are looking very healthy.  They aren’t very tall, but really that is expected in our family.  😛  Ali is ten pounds thirteen ounces and Sammy is ten pounds five ounces.  Ali is the bigger eater of the two, always ready to have some food.  Sammy is a little less into it.  She eats well, but not with the same gusto that Ali does.  Ali has also had the harder time at night, leading me to offer her more chances to eat to try to nurse her to sleep.  (I know, a bad habit but sometimes you just want to sleep!)  Sammy has started to pick up her interest in eating, so I think she is going to catch up soon.  In comparison Ben was almost fourteen pounds by this point, but he did start out two pounds bigger than the girls.  The doctor is pleased with their growth and so are we.  They have some tiny rolls, which are so great to see in babies!  I love how cuddly they are.

As always, I got some pictures of them for their ‘birthday.’  It was incrementally easier to get pictures of them than last month, but still challenging.  I’m no newborn photographer, so these are some of the better ones I got.

My sweet ladies
Sister hugs

These two are a double blessing in our lives.


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